Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Week in Review

Back in November and December Cooper played and Cameron had a clinic with the Charlestown Developmental Basketball League.  It's been over since mid December but Cooper's team just now got around to having a scrimmage during a high school game.  We went one night last week.  This was one of the most adorable things ever.  Usually they would wear colored wrist bands but this night was just a free for all.  They also played full court which they hadn't done before.  Way more entertaining than any other game we had.  Cooper thought he was big stuff playing in front of a bigger crowd.

Last Thursday IU had a big game, they had just broke into the top 25 ranking and they were hosting a conference team who happened to be ranked 13.  Big game!  It was spirit week and this particular day was animal print, well we didn't have anything so we went with candy stripes.

The game didn't come on until 9 so Cooper talked us into letting him stay up and watch some of the first half.  He made it but little Cameron climbed into my lap and was out within the first couple minutes. I wasn't complaining and secretly just wanted to stay there all night.  IU won and they won big!  Too bad they lost the following game, but their win was so good they moved up in the rankings.  They play Purdue tonight.

Back around Thanksgiving I won a contest on Instagram through my favorite author, Karen Kingsbury.  She's a Christian author and has several books set in Bloomington.  She's not from Indiana, she lives in Nashville, TN but before that she lived in the Washington State.  So I have no idea why she chose Bloomington. Anyway, the contest was to share your favorite Thanksgiving memory.  I shared about the year Cooper was born, we were released on Thanksgiving day and family brought us food and it was a quiet relaxing day as a family of three.  I won!! I won an autographed copy of one of her newest books.  Well it never came.  I finally emailed them back and my original email got sent to a spam folder, I got the book last week.  

And finally, this past Saturday I ran longest run ever.  7 miles.  It was awesome!!!  Laura, who I run with, we both felt like we reached a milestone.  It's a distance that is over half way to a half marathon distance and we both felt we could have gone further  I'm sure there will be bad day or two to come but I have never felt more confident.  Never mind what my watch says, Laura's runkeeper started so we started but my watch was still searching for my location. I assure you, we ran a full 7 miles.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!

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Susie said...

Way to go Cooper!!