Saturday, December 20, 2014

The last one was a good one

School is out for a break and we did a whole lot of nothing today.  It was a much needed whole lot of nothing.  This past week was jam packed.

It started out Monday when I picked Cooper up early for his check up.  We have been ear infection free for over 7 months so of course that is a huge praise.  Cooper was a trooper getting his shot so we headed to Bass Pro for some Christmas Fun.  It was the perfect time to go, I even had to get out of the line for Santa and go to the back cause I was afraid Steve wouldn't make it in time.  For whatever reason Cameron raised his hands just the like the photographer and Cooper looks tiny in this picture.  I just love the Bass Pro Santa.

Tuesday night I went to Uptown Art with Jaime and Alicia.  I like my picture close up but for some reason I don't care too much for it far away. I am proud of the my freehand L though, thought I did a pretty good job. I took down some pictures of the boys to hang up my two paintings for the holidays.  

Wednesday night was my small group Christmas party. I just love these group of girls.  We started back in October then I had to miss almost all of November and they welcomed me back like I had never been gone.  

Cooper had a field trip on Thursday.  Their first stop was Derby Dinner to see Rudolph.  Parents couldn't come to that because of seating but we did get to meet them for lunch at McAllister's  and then Bass Pro.  The kids had a fantastic time!  It was my kind of field trip.

He thought he was being slick by touching the elf.

Our teacher had the idea of getting all the kids together for a picture with Santa.  It was like herding cats.

But turned out pretty good in the end, and we all got a copy of the professional one they took.

These two don't get much playtime now that most days they have indoor recess but they are as silly as ever when together.

Steve's parents watched Cameron for me and I came home to this. Since when does he take naps? Well, he woke up complaining of a sore throat and had a slight fever.  I gave him medicine and her perked back up and since I knew he would be in good hands I went ahead with the field trip.  He did himself in and was back to feeling bad by the time I got home.  Totally looks like he is sucking his thumb in this picture but he isn't.  Luckily we are all over those stages.

I couldn't get him into the doctor Thursday afternoon so what was supposed to be our quiet day at home on Friday ended up being spent at the doctor.  It wasn't too bad and we were in and out with a positive strep test and some antibiotics.  Luckily my kids don't get sick too often and when they do it's never really that bad.  After two doses on Friday he was back to himself today.

In addition to the field trip this week, JJ also had a winter carnival, their pride incentive celebration day, and a live reindeer.  Love that school, but I'm happy we don't have to back for more than two week.
Happy Christmas Break!

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Jaime Mac said...

Wow you did have a busy week! Thanks for putting together the night at Uptown art! So fun!