Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer of Fun Week 3

This was an exhausting week.  We didn't do much but Cooper had VBS all week from 6-9. He got to bed late every night, therefore my down time was very little before I went to sleep.  He had a blast and I love that we found a great church for him to go, ours no longer holds VBS, but I am glad to be back on a routine.

Cameron enjoyed all his one on one time this week, Monday he worked on his poster he earned from the library.

 The rain was coming in on Tuesday so we settled down from some down time with Star Wars and goldfish.

Wednesday was set to be the coolest day of the week so we went for a walk on the Big 4 Bridge.

We spent all afternoon at the pool on Thursday.  Cameron needed new swim trunks, I found some Spider-Man ones at Target, they were buy one get one half off so Cooper lucked out with some Batman ones.

I went to the gym Friday morning and on the way home my mom called to see if I would like to meet her in Corydon for lunch and to visit with my aunt.  My kids would not know what to do living in the country.  They did however like feeding the chickens.

These next few weren't part of my Instagram summer of fun pics but I don't have a full blog post for them.

Cooper had a follow-up ENT appointment last week.  It was to recheck some fluid build up that he had after some ear infections.  I was 100% prepared to go in there and schedule for tubes for the 4th time, but after some prayer it was all gone!!!  I could cried.  We went back this week to finally get him fitted for swim molds. Now that he jumping in and and swimming under water we need to protect those ears.  He did so good getting the molds taken. We got back this week for allergy testing, just in case there is something triggering the infections, and back the next week to pick up the molds.  Yes, we are living at the ENT this summer.

This is from the gym Friday morning. My boys go way back with Hawk and Rome, their mom used to teach Jazzercise so they would play there, now we both just do the Y so they still get to play.  We left before Hawk did and I couldn't get them to stop saying bye through the window.

Just because they are cute, two more chicken pics.  Despite being city boys. they did enjoy their day in the country and have already asked to go back.

You may only get weekly posts from me, but I'm enjoying the challenge to document at least one thing everyday.  It's a short summer and I want to enjoy every minute of it.

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