Friday, June 13, 2014

Holiday World 2014

Steve started his week long vacation today, also known as our week long staycation.  We have some fun activities planned for next week but needed one more big one, to kick things off.  We literally decided on Holiday World Monday night and didn't tell the kids until this morning.  I love surprises. 

 Hey everyone let's give a thumbs up, or a funny face.

I have no idea what is going on in these next two pictures, we were just on the old time cars but they sure were enjoying themselves.

We had the turkey whirl going and along with that lots and lots of laughter.

Check out Cooper's shirt.  We rode the Raging Rapids twice, back to back. The park was pretty much empty, we had no waits on almost all the rides. We also rode the log ride twice in a row.  We were all soaked.

These next few pictures may be my favorites, just love the look of pure happiness.

Cooper told Santa he wanted a light up talking Iron Man mask and Cameron said a Captain America shield, you know something we already have.

Cameron asked to look at the map on the way home and fell asleep before we got to the highway.

We opted out of the water park again this year.  Until we can do a two day pass something I just don't want to take away time in the park for the rides, which my boys love.  However, with the low crowds today it may have worked out to do both.
We are getting to awkward stage with Holiday World or amusement parks of any kind.  My kids are getting to the age where they prefer the bigger rides but aren't tall enough to ride some of them and kiddie rides don't really cut it for them.  When they reach 48 inches it will be on.

It was a great day to kick off our week of fun. Just love these days we can spend as a family.


Susie said...

Sounds like a fun day!!

Jaime Mac said...

Going to holiday world (or Santa Claus land back in the day ) was like the only thing we did as a family. I have fond memories of it & enjoy seeing younger families making memories as well! It really is a great place we have so close to home!