Sunday, April 6, 2014

Finishing up Spring Break

So here we are, it's Sunday evening and school starts back tomorrow.  With extended days on top of that.  We made the best of our 2 weeks off with just as much fun the second week as we had the first.

My mom was in Florida the first week and brought back lots of goodies for the boys, and me too if I'm being honest.  They love their new dolphin and turtle goggles. 

I try to go to Janelle's spin class on Tues or Thurs at 4:15.  With school not ending until 4:20 for the next 5 weeks, she can't teach it and I couldn't make it anyway.  As you can tell we are bummed about that.  Tuesday was probably my class of hers until the extended days are over.  Boo :(

I gave the boys the option of Chuck E Cheese or The Lego Movie on Wednesday and they chose Chuck E Cheese.  Cooper said someone can always buy the movie for us later when it comes out so let's go have fun.  After they played we headed to Texas Roadhouse since I had a coupon for a free kids meal then they played in the indoor mall playground for an hour.  It was a fun day.

Come Friday I had one more trick up my sleeve.. a trip to Bowling Green!  When Tracey and I took the kids to Columbus we talked about making a trip down there to see Gretchen and the kids.  They were only off the second week of our Spring Break, of course that meant Tracey would need to take Levi out but as it turns out West Clark ended up being cancelled due to flooding.  
I posted this in Twitter, When in Kentucky, you do Kentucky things.

It didn't take long before we do what we do best. No, not eating, that came later.  And why do I always look so out of place with blonde hair.

We hung at at Gretchen's for a while before heading to Brittany's for lunch and play time.  All the kids played so well together and even G and I got in on the action.  Levi and Pierce challenged us to a game of basketball.  Not really sure why they picked me and her and not Tracey or Brittany, but we just went  with it.

We headed home a little earlier than usual, Pierce had baseball practice at 6 (our time) and Eric wanted to take Levi to Monster Jam at 7:30 so it ended up working out well to leave early.  This was probably the easiest and most well behaved trip we have had.  The kids were in the car for a total of 4 hours that day, with lots of hard play time in between, and there wasn't as single whine or tear shed.  

It was a really, really, great way to end Spring Break.

We have 44 days of school left and 25 of those are extended days, but we are gonna kick butt!  Bring on summer!


ginmommy said...

So glad you came to see me! :-)

Tracey said... was a great day trip! I'm glad we did it. :) And, you don't look out of place! You fit in perfect. :)