Sunday, March 30, 2014

We Still Have One More Week!

After a couple busy days last week we took it easy on Friday.  After a quick trip to the Y we just hung out at home preparing from some guests that evening.  Our friends from church, Matt & Stefanie, came over with Aiden and their new baby Maverick.  I cannot put into words how much my kids love them.  Probably because Matt is just a big kid himself and Aiden, who is 18 months, just laughs at pretty much everything my boys do.

Saturday morning we had tickets to Derby Dinner to see The Jungle Book.  We bought tickets last fall when we were there for Miss Nelson has a Field Day.  I was a little disappointed when I learned they would not do any songs from the movie. All the songs were original songs written specifically for this stage production.  It was still as adorable as ever and we had a great time.  Before it started Cooper asked what would Mowgli wear since he only has on underwear in the movie.  He had more than that on during the play :)

We spend the rest of the day hanging out at home. Once the rain ended I went for a run and must have been feeling good because I got home and my watch said I had been going for 40 minutes.  I haven't done that since last summer. It felt good and I can feel it in my legs today.  I love that feeling.

My plans this week were to take Cooper and Cameron to the zoo on Monday.  I found out Saturday that Steve would not be going to his student small group so we went today instead.  It was a bit cooler than it's supposed to be tomorrow but I'm glad we went.  It was crowded and I'm sure it will be just as busy tomorrow with JCPS off.
Before heading over we had lunch at Culver's.  As we were leaving the line was wrapped around the inside of the building.  This is what I get when I ask my family for pictures.

Not much to say about the zoo, we walked around, seen the animals, and came home. It was our first trip without a stroller since we had kids. That was nice!  Both boys fell asleep on the way home so it must have been a success.

If you can't tell from my title... We have one more week of Spring Break!!!!!


Jan Moyer said...

Love the gorilla pics - looks like lots of fun!

ginmommy said...

Camerons hair looks cute!

Susie said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the time off!!

Susie said...

Sounds like you are enjoying the time off!!

Tracey said...

I like how Steve is like, really?? more pics... lol

Looks like fun!