Sunday, April 13, 2014

Egg Hunting, Shopping, and Outdoor Play

 I have a confession to make- I would LOVE it if 10 of our 12 months had weather similar to Saturday.  Sunny and 75 is perfect.  Give me a month of swimming weather and a month of cold and snow around Christmas, and 10 months just like Saturday.  That's what I want!

We started off our Saturday by heading to Greenway Park in Charlestown for their Easter Egg hunt.  My mom also brought along Emma and Layne. 

Then we ran into Luke.  

We were lined up ready to go.

On your mark, get set, GO!

I'm honestly surprised Cameron did so well, see that #5 out there egg hunting all on his own.

After the egg hunt we stuck around for hot dogs and prizes, and we won something!  It was a good prize too.  We got a bucket with Peeps, a puzzle, bubbles, a light up wand, and Avengers playing cards.  Perfect for my boys.
I missed getting Cooper's picture but guess who isn't afraid of the Easter bunny?

After the egg hunt we went to Kohl's with my mom and she treated the kids to a milkshake at Zesto's.

Cooper's goal when smiling now is to show his bottom teeth so you can see his missing one.

Since the weather was perfect we continued the fun by spending most of the evening outdoors.
Basketball, bubbles, jumping, all perfect play for two rowdy boys.

The only thing to make this day better would have been to have Steve home.  He went with Scott to IU's spring football practice.  At one point Cooper said, "It's not fair, Daddy didn't get to have fun with us today".

You might not be able to get me out of bed on Tuesday when it's in the 30's again.


Susie said...

Saturday was a perfect weather day!! Glad you all enjoyed it out!

Susie said...
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ginmommy said...

I hate the Easter bunny!