Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Fun Saturday

Yesterday was fun family day doing a few things out of the norm for us.  First up was a trip to the Jeffersonville Library.  I"m ashamed to admit I have never been to that library.  We just go to Charlestown or Sellersburg.  Steve got a Kindle with his birthday money and Jeffersonville has a larger selection of e-books so we headed there to get him a card.  My boys were missing out when it comes to the children's section.  It's so much bigger plus it's all upstairs so you don't have to worry about being quiet.  

Cooper loves maps so it's no surprise he loved the globe.

He also got his very own library card.  Now we just need to get him a Clark County one.

We came back home for lunch and to watch Frozen again (surprise, surprise) before heading up to Seymour to watch Clarksville boys play in the semi-state game.  One of Steve's buddies from high school helped coach a few years back and they got new uniforms so he snagged Steve's old jersey for him.   

They played a school called Park Tudor, it's a private school somewhere near Indy.  Seeing their student section and really just their whole crowd makes me all the more proud to be from a small community that loves their basketball.  It wasn't anything new for this team to be there, Steve says they have gone to state before and even though they are a 2A basketball school they could have a shot at state if we had just one class basketball.  But lemme show you the comparison of student sections.
Park Tudor

Clarksville was way bigger and much louder too.

Sadly, Park Tudor came out on top.  Their kids were just so much bigger than Clarksville's.  Clarksville hung in their though.  The Clarksville crowd cheered louder for their team when they walked off the court than Park Tudor's crowd cheered for them when they won.  It wasn't even close to the celebration Borden put on last year.  

The highlight of the game for my boys had to be candy. I got them some popcorn for the first half and I candy in my purse for the second half.  Scott took them walking at halftime and came back with Skittles, Starburst, Oreos, and Airheads.  

We all went out to eat after the game and usually it's a treat when we go out because I let them get lemonade or Sprite since we mostly drink water at home.  I told Cooper he had a lot of candy so he was getting water at the restaurant.  We went to Steak N'Shake and the server came to get our drink order and without hesitation Cooper said, "I ate a lot of candy I need to get water".  It was cute!  
Oh and Cooper took off his Generals jersey and proudly wore his JJ Pirate shirt the rest of the night.  He can't forget who he really is!

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ginmommy said...

I've decided I'm done with sports. Last night wore me out