Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

Another Halloween has come and gone.  For once I actually feel like it wasn't over done.  In past years it felt like we dressed up 5 or more times.  This year it was just three, one of those being 3 weeks ago.  It also helped that Cooper had school on Halloween.  His preschool doesn't have a party, but they can wear their costumes and bring in treats if they like. 
Today Cameron & I went to Tracey's to hang out during school hours.  On the way I stopped by McDonald's to get some diets, I saw they had a sign advertising free kid sundaes for anyone coming in dressed up.  I swung by the house to grab Cameron's costume and we had ourselves an impromptu lunch and dessert after school.

 I tried my best to get one of them together, but Cameron was all over the place.  A reminder to me why he goes in a high chair while we are out.
After nap time I let them each pick out one piece of candy.  Cooper went for the Nerds and Cameron went for the Kit Kat.  Cooper always goes for candy like Nerds or Smarties.  Sugar is sugar, go for the gusto if you are gonna do it.  I'm with Cameron on this one.
 Scott came over to trick or treat with us. Michael Myers will always be the scariest/creepiest mask ever made!!
 Luckily he took it off around the neighborhood. 
 Brittany, if you are reading this is for you.
We got home and the boys went straight for the loot.  Cooper chose Smarties.... Is he even my son?  Do you see all the Reece's in that pile?  I also stole more Butterfingers.  I just can't myself.   
 Cameron had M&M's, that's more like it.
My favorite memory of the night was from Cameron.  At the beginning of the night he got a cookies & cream Hershey bar.  He carried that thing around our entire neighborhood.  Toward the end we went up to a house that had their candy out on the front porch.  I didn't see all they had but they did have M&M's, which may be his favorite.  Cooper helped him find some, as soon as he had those in his hand, the Hershey bar went in the bucket and the M&M's stayed in his hand.   He was just buying his time the rest our walk home until he could open them up.  I wish I could spell out how he says M&M's but I have no idea how to spell it.  You just have to trust me it's adorable.
Hope everyone had a great Halloween. 


Susie said...

What a fun night!!

ginmommy said...

Great Halloween! Miss you guys!

Tracey said...

Fun night!!

I agree...Mike Meyers gets the scariest mask vote!

melanie said...

I don't know michael meyers. This tells you how sheltered we were/are and how much I avoid scary things

Brittany said...

You totally should have stolen that sign,!!!!!! So stinkin cute just like your boys!

Brittany said...

You totally should have stolen that sign,!!!!!! So stinkin cute just like your boys!