Friday, October 26, 2012

Field Trip!

Cooper had his first field trip this morning, a trip to Huber's to pick some pumpkins.  He has been so excited about it all week.  I think he was most excited about riding the school bus.  He even prayed about it tonight, he was afraid he would miss it since we had to be at school a little early. 
He was ready to go, although I don't think he was quite prepared for the long drive.  I guess the safest route for a bus also happens to be the longest route to Huber's.
We got off the bus and it was straight to the pumpkin patch to get ourself a pumpkin.  He found a nice small round one right away.

 I need to make a confession, I had a major mom fail this morning.  I wasn't expecting it to get so cold so fast and we were only dressed in hoodies, it was 45 degrees up there.  Poor little guy was miserable and spent most of the morning like this.

 Once we got our pumpkins the plan was to spend the rest of our time in the Family Fun Park.  Mother Nature had other plans.  We knew it was going to rain, there was no doubt about it, but once again we didn't realize how hard and quick the rain would come.  Ms. Amy told us before we left the school that if it got miserable we would just head back early.  As you can see from this little face, it became miserable quick!
 We had walked back to the bus to grab a jacket, someone had an extra rain coat, on our way out we ran into a couple other moms.  They let me know Ms Amy was rounding everyone up for a quick snack and we were going to head back to school.  I packed some snacks with me so we just stayed on the bus. The kids pounced on them.   
 Although the Family Fun Park was rained out, I don't think Cooper had a clue anything didn't go according to plan.  He had a blast and that's all that matters.  He especially loved the bus ride home when he played with his friends.  This is Lilly, her mom Amy & I already talked about this going in the senior slide show.
 Just because we got rained out didn't mean our fun was over, during Cameron's nap time it was time to paint.  I walked back to get my camera and he had almost the whole thing already painted.  Of course the pumpkin wasn't enough, he needed some paper too.  I didn't get a picture but he also painted his chest.

I hope he always remembers today, his first field trip, getting rained out, and having a blast on the bus.  Good Times!!!


the lewis gang said...

fun!! and don't worry. i am major mom fail all the time. i feel like i never have my kids dressed warm enough. i don't know why i don't always throw an extra layer on. maybe on of these days, i'll figure it out! glad you got to spend the day with cooper!

ginmommy said...

What a great day with your boy! Such fun memories. And we've all either underdressed or overdressed our kids at one time or another!

Jaime Mac said...

Love the painted pumpkin! I wanna see pics of the painted chest! C'mon! :)

melanie said...

I miss the preschool field trips, there is always room for mom. Now Corbin's class has no room for any mom that wants to go. Addie and I missed the pumpkin patch this year. If there is a warm day we are going.