Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall has arrived

Fall has arrived in Southern Indiana and I love it.  First up this today was an early morning soccer game.  I had on my hoodie, my Uggs, and some hot chocolate in hand.  Perfection.
I was also quite proud of myself and my cheap as they come camera that I captured Cooper mid jump.  He's in the red.
 I just love it that they pray before each game. 
 We broke out the football beanie again, I'm happy it still fits his head.

 I have been a mission to find Cooper a Halloween costume.  He hasn't been insistent on anything, we went to Party City last week and he picked out a pirate costume.  That is what he was last year so I didn't get, I wanted him to see a few more options.  We went to Target to look around after his game. 

Why couldn't I have thought of Angry Birds?  This mask alone was $20, I think the costume was $35.  

 I took my hand at trying on a cowgirl hat.  For the life of me I couldn't get the full hat in the picture.  

 We went up and down the aisles about three times and Cooper kept coming back to one in particular.  I checked, double checked, and triple checked and yes that is what he wanted.  What is it you ask?
Mad Scientist!!!
 This really does fit Cooper perfectly.  He loves science and he can get a little crazy at times. 
Another highlight of our weekend thus far has been Cameron breaking a toilet.  I have no idea what he did but it would no longer flush, the handle had no spring to it.  Steve fixed it!!!  This is huge people.  Our friend Kyle works at Plumbers Supply, Steve talked to him last night and be brought a part to soccer this morning and by this afternoon we had a working toilet again. 
I am so excited for the fall weather we are having.  To make this better, Cooper is on fall break and Steve has the week off.  We have  a few fun activities planned, which I hope includes wearing hoodies.


Jaime Mac said...

LOVE the mad scientist costume! He looks so cute! I also love how the mad scientist is helping dad fix the toilet! :)

Susie said...

What a cute costume!! OH Oh Cameron what did you do? Yay for Steve Fixing it.

ginmommy said...

The mad scientist costume made me laugh out loud!

Tracey said...

I love FALL!!! This made me smile. Cooper's outfit...hilarious!