Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rollin' with it

Today was all about rollin' with it.  My first planned activity of the day was to take the boys to a park.  I chose the playground at Silver Creek Primary school.  Why haven't we ever been here?  It's perfect for little ones; it's gated and was built for kindergartners and first graders.  I knew we would love it once I saw it, plus it has playground mulch instead of those annoying pebbles at Speed and Perrin Park.

 I love that my 4 1/2 year old is scared to go down just about any slide but my 21 month old had no problem climbing and sliding down the highest one in the park.
We lasted all of about 15 minutes before Cooper informed me he had to poop.  It's a good thing we only live about 2 minutes away.  It was still early and a little chilly so I promised them we could pack and lunch and come back later.  Of course we get home and Cooper no longer has to use the restroom.  We play for a while, pack a lunch, and head back around 11:30.   This time we make it a total of 5 minutes before Cooper poops in his pants.  Of course!  He said he didn't mean to, it is very rare for this to happen.  I felt bad for him actually.  They were both crying on the way home, I didn't want him to think he has being punished for doing it, but he couldn't necessarily stay there.   Once we got home and cleaned up we did the next best thing; a picnic lunch on the patio. 

 It didn't take Cameron long to play in the water table.  May I mention it was filled with rain water.
You can't play outside without playing in the sand.  Like my homemade sand table?

 Cameron decided that the sticks in the backyard needed to be in fire pit.

 At times it can be a bit challenging parenting two children who are complete opposites.  I have to say thought I do love the free spirit Cameron is.  He isn't scared of anything and not afraid to get a little dirty. He may keep me on my toes but his roll with it attitude is good for my soul.
Since both boys were covered in rain water and sand I felt a good bath was in order.   Cameron followed it up with a two hour nap, Cooper watched Up, and I managed a short nap.  It was a good day, a good day indeed.


Susie said...

I know what you mean about pebbles at Perrin Park. We went there today and it was challenging to walk on it. Glad you enjoyed your day.

ginmommy said...

Don't you just love that you have kids who are different. How boring would it be, if they were the same! Looks like a great day.

The McAfee's said...

Fun stuff!! We will have to check that one out!! :)