Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Lesson in Real Estate

Lately Cooper has been talking about the house that Scott got him around Christmas.  He loved this thing.  It kept us busy for days.  Sadly, as most boys are, they got a little too rough and it ended up being thrown away.  It was fun while it lasted.

We told him we could get another but we needed to get rid of something else first.  The boys haven't been playing with this lately and I knew we could get about $20 out of it so the Fisher Price house went today. 

 I'm gonna be honest here, I was sad to see this go.  We got this for Cooper's first birthday.  He played with it all.the.time.  We gave it to Steve's parents right before Cameron was born since we didn't have room.  We got it back when we moved and at first Cameron loved it.  But now he does and follows what Cooper does so it was just sitting in our basement not being played it. 
 Since we were able to successfully sell a house today, we bought a new one.  It isn't exactly the same as the one Scott got, but it will do.  And it was half off.  Score!  I'm thinking of going back to Rite Aid and get the rocket ship for a birthday or Christmas.
 Seriously adorable!  Gotta be just like big brother.
 I love it cause we can all play.
 I thought he was doing a pretty good job on the tree.

Hopefully this one will last a little longer than the other one did.  At any rate it will keep us busy a for a while.


Susie said...

Love how Cameron wants to do what Cooper does!! Madelyn does the same thing with Ellie!!

HilaryFarris said...

Those houses are genius!! There wasn't anything like that when mine were little, they had to use the standart brown cardboard boxes!

ginmommy said...

We had fun with our little house too!

the lewis gang said...

we have slowly been getting rid of baby stuff too. a little sad, but mostly happy to see my kiddos grow!

The McAfee's said...

Neat! I might have to get one of these! I like the idea of "keeping them busy for days!"