Thursday, March 22, 2012

Progress Report

Cooper got his first progress report from school today. I was a little nervous for this, I know what he can do at home but I'm always worried he won't show his full potential away from home. Overall he did fantastic. The codes were mastery of skill, some knowledge of skill, and needs improvement on skill.

He has mastered everything on his color and number test. He counted to 29, skipped to 50-59 then said he didn't know anymore. This cracks me up. He struggles with the "th" sound. Usually at home he will count to 29, try and do 30 but it sounds like 40, so by the time he gets to 39 it sounds like 49 so he skips to 50.

He mastered all his shapes but had some knowledge on oval.

He mastered almost everything on work and social skills, like; listens, follows directions, plays well with others. The two he got some knowledge of skill were adequate attention span and maintains self-control. I have no doubt he needs better self-control, the kid can get frustrated so easily. Although I'm sure they don't see half of it or he would never get his sticker. He also has a tendency to stare into space which is where I am sure the attention span comes into play.

He mastered everything on his phonics test for sounds and recognizing his letters. The note said, "At this age only the sound is required, Great Job". He was recognizing letters at 2 1/2 and honestly I don't know how he learned. It had to have been a toy or Super Why, I don't know. I don't remember working with him on them all that much.

The test he had the most trouble with was coordination. No surprise here! He mastered two feet hop and had some knowledge on one foot hop and needs improvement on skipping. He takes after his momma. He got some knowledge plus on pencil grip and scissoring. I have to give his teachers credit for scissoring. I don't work with him near enough and I can't begin to tell you how much he has improved since he started school.

We are so proud of you Cooper Andrew!

One more thing, every day that I pick him up he tells me who didn't get his sticker. There is this one boy that I will call "little boy" who almost never gets it. On Tuesday the whole class got their sticker so they got to crawl through the tunnel when leaving class. Of course when I say something to him about he it he says, "yup, little boy wasn't here today". Doesn't miss a thing!


Jaime Mac said...

Great job, Cooper.
(I had to also laugh that he skips 30 & 40 & goes right to 50! The kid is smart! :))

The McAfee's said...

Great job Cooper! :)

ginmommy said...

Great job, Cooper! You are smart!!