Thursday, March 29, 2012

A little of this, a little of that

Even though for us Spring Break only amounts to two days, it has been so nice! We spent Monday and Tuesday just relaxing at home and running a few errands. It was so nice waking up Tuesday and not rushing around to get to school and speech. Monday morning I treated the boys to a picnic breakfast. Cooper and I used to do this all the time. I don't know what happened and why we don't anymore.
On Wednesday Tracey and Maggie came over along with a friend from church and her three boys, one of which fell out of Cooper's window. I had the window opened, we heard him cry and I walked in the room to find the screen knocked out and he was wandering around in the yard. Once we realized he was okay, it was a little funny.
Today was the day Cooper has been excited about for weeks. First up was a play date with Allie. We had one planned a few weeks ago but he got whooping cough. It's probably a good thing because it was the day of the tornadoes. We finally got one for today. Sharon lives about 50 minutes away so it can be tough to get together. This was a rare moment when they were both sitting, they wanted to watch Super Why together.
They played so hard. There was a time I was worried Cooper wouldn't play well with others, he seemed so shy. He proved me wrong today. I barely saw him. They were so cute. After I snapped this picture I said something about the future slide show, Allie walked off saying something about her husband. Oh my!
If playing with Allie wasn't enough, he got to spend the night with Mamaw and Papaw. They wanted him to spend the night one night for Spring Break and he picked tonight. He has been counting down the days for the past week. We also had dinner over there, I think Cameron liked the chocolate brownies.
It was so odd coming home with one kid. We took a walk around the neighborhood and actually had time to talk to one another. I do miss my big guy though. On the way home from Sharon's he told me he would miss tickling his back tonight.
We have a couple more fun things planned then it's back to our schedule and a very busy week at that, but it is all fun stuff.


Brittany said...

Looks like fun:))))

ginmommy said...

Heck yeah! We've got a some fun times coming up!!!