Monday, March 19, 2012

At least I tried

I had visions this morning of taking my boys outside to play with sidewalk chalk and maybe some fingerpainting. Yeah, we all know how our visions go, right?

So this really isn't part of the story, it's just cute. I told Cooper to go get his "play" shoes on. Cameron hears shoes and he starts running. He loves to wear shoes, especially if they aren't his. He comes back wearing one of Cooper's black dress shoes. They looked great with that outfit.

When we first went outside Cameron was all over the place. If this was our old yard it wouldn't have been so bad, it was flat and fenced in. Now we don't have a fence, it's hilly, and there is a drop off on one side of our patio. Plus there is construction going on behind us. I'm telling you, this kid doesn't stop. I thought maybe if I sat in him his booster and gave him some paint it would help. Well, the booster only did this. Check out that huge tear coming out his eye.
Cooper was oblivous to the meltdown, he just wanted to paint. He was asking me for different colors and I couldn't hear him over the crying. It was that loud.
He finally did get into it a bit, but he still would rather run around. I had a moment after this, I mean why can't I take two kids outside. What is wrong with me?
Later we came in and he gave me hugs and kisses about something and it was all better. I really can't turn my back on this child for a second. Wild Child!!!!


Tracey said...

Nothing is wrong with you!!! Remember (our special phrase...) this is just a season! Sometimes those little ones can get wild and we just have to go with it. Oh, and Cam in his black shoes is hilarious. Looks like an old man! :)

Jaime Mac said...

I agree - it's not you - it's Cameron! :) Even kiddos have bad days!

The McAfee's said...

It is sooo not you! Jake was like that too....second boy!! He has grown up soooo much and Cameron will too! You just have to endure it....and drink! Really it helps! :)

ginmommy said...

Nothing wrong with you! He's a boy who wants to RUN FREE! Boys don't like to be confined, esp outdoors. It will get better. And i agree with Alicia, drink ;)

Susie said...

It is just little ones in general!! Madelyn likes to do the same thing as Cameron!! Ellie is more like Cooper!! It will change when he gets a little older.

Jill said...

This makes me smile. My Kade is like your Cameron. Boys will just be boys. ;)