Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hair pics and oh so cute pics

It's time for my monthly hair shot. I almost forgot to take it today. I feel like I've hit a road bump and it's not growing. I am going to need a least a trim or thinned out this month. So April's probably wont show anything.



These next two pics are random but the cutest things every. Cameron's loot has grown before nap time and bedtime. He now needs both pacifiers, a stuffed dog, a pillow pet, and his blankie. I could just eat him up.

This is tonight. Cameron cuddled on the couch with me night and finally zonked out. Of course I had the most adorable photo bomber with me too.


ginmommy said...

The hair looks cute! I so love that last picture! Just cuteness right there!!

Tracey said...

Cute pic of you and the boys!! :) I like your hair longer...very cute! I could tell last night that it is growing.