Saturday, August 30, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

I love three day weekends! Even though it doesn't effect me much anymore it is just nice to have Steve home an extra day. Friday was a pretty usual day, didn't do much. Steve was in Bloomington all day Saturday for the IU game. I started off the day with breakfast at Cracker Barrel with Karen and Heather. Steve's parents came over to watch Cooper, it was nice to catch up with the girls. Even though we all live next door to each other we still rarely spend time together. Next I had my sister's baby shower. It was at 2:00 and Cooper never got his second nap in so we had to leave around 3:30 and didn't get to see her open her gifts. Steve got home around 6 :30, just in time for Cooper's bath and bedtime. Although seeing Daddy he did get excited and stayed up later than usual. Sunday morning was church as usual. I've been in the nursery the month of August and I can't expect at Cooper's age to remain in church for two services so I've only been going to the nursery this month. It seems like forever since I've heard a sermon. But I do love the nursery so I'm not complaining. Last night Steve and I went to the Bat's game. Louisville won 6-4 thanks to a 3 run homer in the 6th or 7th inning. It was actually part of Steve's Father's Day present there was just never a good time to go. We let Steve's parent's keep Cooper overnight again and would you believe that I did not sleep well at all. I have this weird feeling when he isn't here, I wanted to turn on the monitor and just pretend. Now it is Monday morning, Steve is mowing the grass, Cooper is napping, and there is a 90210 marathon on all day long. Sounds like a great day to me!

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