Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time for Cooper's close-up

My child loves the camera and always has a big cheesy grin when I get it out. Here he is wanting a close-up.

Here is one of him being a little dare devil. He could have easily went around the high chair, but I guess he had other plans. If you look closely he is going for his IU football.

And finally my little sleepy guy. His naps are starting to shift and his first nap is getting later and longer and it's getting harder and harder to get him to take a second nap. When he does take a second nap he goes to bed later, sometimes an hour and half later than normal. Except today, he didn't take a second nap at all. Anyway, the other day we knew we could not hold him out and wanted him to take at least a quick 20 minute nap. We decide to go take our recyclables to the recycle place (sorry I couldn't think of what it is called) just to get him to go to sleep. Here he is when we got him home and we were trying to wake him.


The Tibbs World said...

That first pic is so cute! I love taking close up shots.

Sulayne said...

He's so sweet!! I love pictures of babies when they are sleeping.