Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The last 2 days

Even though it was just a half week I still had to pack in a few more fun activities.

First up was a trip to the Splash Park with Layne. 

Cooper and his faces.  

Never mind my children and the two ice cream treats they had.

Love my baby blue eyed boy.

Later that night was open house. As you can tell, Cooper has a super boring teacher this year :)

This afternoon I took them to Chuck E Cheese to play before taekwondo.  Laura and her kids met us there as well.  My boys love her daughter Chloe.  She's going in 4th grade and last year hers and Cooper's lunch overlapped by a few minutes and she would give him hugs.

I can not let Cooper set foot in a casino.  He almost became addicted to this game.  He kept putting more tokens in it thinking he had it figured out how to get the most tickets.

Well that's about it.  Summer is over... who is ready for jeans with hoodies and boots, scarves, pumpkin spiced lattes, and pumpkins.  Bring it on!!!!


bethjosh said...

they need to stop growing... sigh

Susie said...

Looking for a fun year too with his teacher and Ellie's!

Jaime Mac said...

HAHA Cooper TOTALLY gets those faces from his dad!!!!