Monday, July 27, 2015

The end has come

If I had one word to describe this summer it would be lazy.  I felt like we did nothing at all, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I laid in my bed with the boys watching cartoons until after 8 some mornings.  We had lots of pool days.  It's been wonderful.

As I mentioned we got a new camera so we've been playing around a bit.  I love it!

Cooper started Taekwondo in early July.  He looks so nervous here.  He is enjoying quite a bit.  They need 5 stripes before he can test for yellow belt, he almost got the first tonight.  His lets were just a tad too far apart, you could tell Mr. Haynes was thinking about it.   I'm hoping this helps his coordination and balance.

He's lost two front teeth this summer and a third was knocked loose tonight.  Poor kid isn't going to have any teeth to chew with up there.

I almost forgot about cow appreciation day this year.  

Cooper did two basketball camps this year.  He was all into the first one, ran by the high school, but it was like pulling teeth to get him to the second one.  Maybe because it was late summer and he just wasn't into it.  This one was also at the high school but was ran by Kristin Cox (Mattox) and Sara Nord, who both played for UofL.  I picked him up Friday and Peyton Siva was there taking pictures and signing autographs for the kids.  I mean my kids don't know who he is, but still so totally cool.

These guys too. I think they are incoming freshmen.

Even though the last couple tires were disasters with Cooper backing out last minute, they took another shot at sleeping together.  Cooper has a love/hate relationship with it.  He only does it to make Cameron happy when really he doesn't sleep well.  He's just like me, he wants his own bed.

Steve's parents joined us for a pool day last week.   I hate it that we had all this rain for what seemed like most of the summer only have to this beautiful weather right before school.

This isn't the best picture but both kiddos had a sunburn on the top of their head from their swim masks. Oh and big news.. Cameron is out of floaties.  I didn't make this decision for him, my mom had practice one day and now he doesn't want to wear them.  His new favorite thing is to jump in over his head and doggie paddle to the steps.  Fun times!  I have a love/hate relationship with this.  Love it that he is learning, hate it that I now have to be super vigilant.

My in-laws wanted the kids to spend the night Friday before Cooper goes back to school.  They got home the next morning and it wasn't 3 minutes and they were both in my lap.  They miss their momma :)

Summer went by way too fast but Fall is my favorite season.  Once we go back on Thursday I may be wishing August away so start my favorite 4 months.  


Susie said...

Sounds like our summer just lazy!! Sometimes that is what we need!!

ginmommy said...

The new camera takes great pics!