Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Warning... my next couple posts will be picture overload.
I got a new camera.  I never wanted a good fancy camera, just didn't think I needed it. Then my kids started school and I have crappy pictures. Since we leave for Disney in less than 3 months we decided I would get a camera and Steve a new camcorder.  I got it Friday night, just in time for the 4th.

We had a fantastic 4th.  With it being on a Saturday Steve got the day off.  He always works the 4th so this was a nice treat.  My in-laws bought the boys flag shirts from Old Navy so were your typical American family.  I also got some tattoos for us.  My boys jump at the opportunity to wear tattoos.

We started our morning out by going to the Freedom Parade in Jeff.

It's always a fun time.  Perfect length for a parade too.

We ran some errands and everyone started showing up for dinner and fireworks.

Uncle Scott broke out the sparklers early.

Just before sunset we moved out front and had a good ol'fashioned fireworks show in the street.

Cameron insisted on his long pajamas.  Crazy kid.

Steve's cousin got a video of my mother in law dancing... hilarious!

Then it was time for the good stuff.  Our neighborhood is awesome.  Fireworks were going off everywhere!  

Family + food + fireworks = FUN!


Jaime Mac said...

You got some great pics w/ that camera! You can SO tell the difference between that & a phone. It's crazy!

Susie said...

Some great pictures!!

ginmommy said...

Awesome pics! It's so worth it.