Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Great Week

Have you ever had one of those weeks where life was just good?  I'm not talking about major life changing experiences, just good fun.  We just wrapped one up.

Last Saturday Cooper lost one of his top teeth.  It had been loose for a while but not quite there, that is until Cameron knocked it half out and sideways during a friendly game of wrestling.  There was blood, but no tears, because someone was super excited to finally have it out.

He may have been excited but that didn't stop by him issuing a pay back when Cameron fell asleep in the car that night.

The 1st grade had their awards ceremony on Monday.  I knew Cooper was getting all A's but I wasn't for sure what else he was going to get.

He ended up with all A's, writing and math award, Reading Counts awards (he had the 2nd highest points in 1st grade), and the PE Award.  I might have been most excited about the PE award.  He's not the most athletic and sports does not come naturally so being recognized for hard work and a positive attitude makes this momma happy.

I wanted to get one with his teacher so did this kid :)

He also brought home his yearbook and he was excited to have his picture in it, outside of his school picture. It's from crazy hair day.

The 1st grade had a family picnic on Wednesday and this guy that he was big stuff playing on the playground and playing basketball with the big kids.

I looked over and all these first graders had lined themselves up for foul shots.  Too cute!

Remember how Yogi Ferrell tweeted us back when Cameron had his surgery?  This week Steve tweeted a video for Cooper playing basketball in the basement and tagged Troy Williams, he got a response back from Troy and his mom.  Then while at Huber's for the coaches caravan, my father in law got some autographed pictures of Tom Crean for the boys.

On a whim I deiced to to put Cameron in the Founder's Day Prince and Princess Pageant.  I didn't know what to expect just that all contestants get to be in the parade.  He ended getting 2nd runner up, now granted that is 3rd out of 4 boys, but all he cares about is this trophy and showing everyone.  They also had a photographer that got an adorable picture of him.

Finally the highlight of our week.  Early in the baseball season Cooper got a couple hits then went cold. He was stepping back when he would swing, I'm guessing the machine was just intimidating. Steve has been working with him and the last couple games he has been looking so good.  A great stance and good swing.  Finally on Friday night he hit the ball, not only hit it, smoked it!  Had the runner on 1st not stopped at 2nd it would have been a double.  By the time the other kid started running they had the ball back in the infield and Cooper had to stay at 1st.  He was so excited.  Our coaches have been commenting how they can tell he has been practicing.  I know it did a lot for his confidence.  He just have one more game left, praying for at least one more hit to end the season on a high note.

Oh, one more... I won a month's worth of free painting at Uptown Art. I have three scheduled, it's so hard to get away that it's probably all I will do.  Still fun and I'm looking forward to it.

3 more days of school!


Susie said...

Sounds like a fun week!! I sen your father-in-law, Steve and Scott at Hubers on Wednesday. Your father-in-law recognized me and talked to me.

Jaime Mac said...

Oh my what a great week! You guys are like famous on Twitter! It's so fun people tweeted you guys back! I love it!

melanie said...

Cameron has changed so much, he looks so different since we saw him last. Cute boys