Sunday, June 14, 2015

We Made It- Last Day of First Grade

We finally made it, the last week of first grade!
I had to celebrate by documenting our last Monday.  

Tuesday was field day.

I finally got to see the ga ga ball pit in action.

Cooper drew a picture of his favorite station. Popsicles, guess where I was?  Popsicles!

Finally Wednesday rolled around and it was our last day.

I love comparison pictures, looked how much his face has filled out.

Then of course there is first and last day of kindergarten and first and last day of 1st grade.

I thought it was funny that Cameron fell asleep on our final pick up of the year.

I found a journal entry from January, he wrote "my mom runs a lot".  Thought that was funny.  Yes son, I was running a lot back then.  

We already have our teacher assignments for next year and Cooper is excited.  It looks to be a good class and a good mix of his friends from his first grade class, some from kindergarten, and some new ones.  It's going to be an exciting year but for now, I'm gonna relax and enjoy the next 46 days.

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melanie said...

46 days just doesn't seem long enough, but we'll take them. I love the comparison pictures especially from K till now.