Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Life Lately

Well, life lately has mostly been filled with nights at the ballpark.  Between two kids we are there quite often and many times overlapping.  Cooper looks so darn good when he practices out in the field, then the machine pitches to him and it freaks him the heck out.  Luckily they have started clinics after games during the week so I think we are seeing some improvement.  He was getting frustrated because he wasn't hitting, we just keep stressing he can strike out every time at bat but if he has proper form, the hits will come.

This little one just think it's all fun and games.  As long as he gets his french fries and cheese he is okay.

We had booster day a couple weeks ago, it's such a busy day, add a flat tire in the mix and it makes it plum crazy.  But, we made it.

We also had Layla's birthday party on booster day.  Cooper tagged along for Luke of course, but Cameron was the only party boy there. 

I may have mentioned this before, but Cameron loves Subway, like really loves it.  It's also quite interesting how he likes to eat his sandwich.  

My little guy is also about to get his tonsils out.  We have been keeping an eye on them for a year or more and the past six months they have gotten out of control. On one side he has no airway.  This was my food prep day.  He has no idea what is coming his way, just that he gets to eat popsicles, ice cream, jello, and pudding all week.

One day last week I did have a free baseball night so I had a girls night at Uptown Art with some other 1st grade moms.  We painted sunsets, not my best work, but it's always fun there.

Heather and I used to be super close back in our college days. 

Fun Times!

One of these I'm going to start counting down the days left of school but we are still too many away for that.  I'm just going to say, we are almost there!


Susie said...

Good Luck to Cameron and getting his tonsils out!

ginmommy said...

I love the way he eats his Subway

Jaime Mac said...

I know from other people that ball game season is super crazy! Glad you got a fun night out w/ the gals tho!