Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Last Day of Wee Ones

We've come a long way since this scared little boy back in August.

He has officially completed his first year of Wee Ones.  Obviously the most notable difference is the hair cut.  I miss that baby hair but I do think he looks so adorable with his buzz cut.  If you look closely under that jacket, you will see he has on the same exact outift.  He loves that shirt so much!!!

The last day of school is always spent at the park.

Two of the teachers are leaving this year. One is Ms Erica.  When I told Cameron he said he was going to miss her.  :(

The other teacher is Ms. Melinda, she's leaving too.  They have both been so wonderful.  

Ms Amy will still be there next year.  I don't think she is going anywhere.  

See you next August!

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Jaime Mac said...

Oh my gosh i just LOVE Cameron's buzz cut! I know I mention it all time but if it's possible it makes him more cute!!!