Monday, January 19, 2015

Happy New Year

I know, I know, it's way past the New Year but this is what you're gonna get.  

Way back on New Years Day Sharon and I took the kids to the Galt House for the Kalightoscope of Lights.  I had went last year but it seems they change it up a bit each year and this time it was A Christmas Carol theme.  My kids were all about A Christmas Carol this year so it was perfect.  

I have to admit it is pretty cool.  

My kids call this the scariest ghost ever.

Cameron did some dancing.

After the luminaries it was time for more fun.  First up.. the train.

I have no idea.

This ended up being a video of them flying Santa's sleigh over Louisville.

He totally wanted to get his picture taken with the snow princess.  Cameron wanted nothing to do with it.

So that was New Years Day, now we will get on to what else we've been doing.

The boys have been asking us to let them sleep together, we gave in the last Friday of break.  Since then we decided that every Friday they could do this.  It's cute and they love it.

My mom bought them these robes and they are way too cute.  

I found my kindergarten picture at my mom's house and it was like looking into my 4 year old.  

I was trying to get everyone ready one day last week and Cameron walked into my room like this.  He kept those on entire ride to drop off Cooper and to the grocery.

Now that brings us to today.. how glorious has it been?  I'm ready for Spring.

They played a game where one on run inside to the basement and they would wave to one another.  They fight like crazy but I'm so thankful they can make up games and be best friends as well.

I'm gonna be honest, I was seriously considering giving up the blog this year.  I feel like it needs to be all or nothing.  I need to do it and own or or not do it at all.  I know there will be some fun things this year that I'll want to blog so for right now it's still going on.  We shall see.


ginmommy said...

Don't pressure yourself to do it all the time, just do it when you can. Hate to see you give it up after all these years!

Susie said...

You did look a lot like Cameron! I am with Gretchen just record what you can on the blog! I have slowed down too! I use to record every day but just try only things that may be interesting or what I want to remember!

bethjosh said...

don't give it up... even if it's just once/week... you'll want to look back on it. and I'll miss you. LOL

Tracey said...

I want to take the kids to the Kalightoscope next year! Looks way cool.

Don't give up. Post once a week! :-)

Jaime Mac said...

I agree w/ everyone else - don't give up totally! Just blog when you can... & we promise not to shame you! We will be happy whenever you're able to post. I will be PISSED if you quit & we don't get to read about your marathon!!!! ;)