Saturday, November 15, 2014

What have we been up to?

 Both boys have started basketball through Charlestown's Developmental Basketball League.  Watching Cameron is a hoot.  He just does a clinic on Saturday mornings. It's for 4-5 yr olds.  He is almost the smallest one out there.  Some kids are in kindergarten and he just turned 4.  He does great though and listens well.  I think he just thinks he tough stuff getting a chance to play like Cooper does.

Cooper is on a team for 6 and 7 year olds.  He is still learning the rules and to be more aggressive.  He made a basket our first game and is almost always the first one back down the court.  That kid can hustle.

Last Tuesday was extra special, Cooper got out of school for election day but Cameron still had preschool.  We enjoyed a couple hours to ourselves.  He chose Chick-Fil-A.  

We finally got our new iPhones that same week.  I say finally because for one we've had our other phones for over 4 years and two because we ordered our phones 6 weeks ago.  I'm still trying to figure it out, Cameron wanted to be the first picture on the new phone.  Once I publish this blog we will see if the picture quality is any better.  

Last Saturday after basketball my mom wanted to go to Simpsonville to the new outlets.  Well Steve was in Bloomington so the only way I could go was if I took the kids.  She bribed them with toys if they were good.  They did pretty well considering we got stuck in traffic and a detour on the way, it was so crowded we almost couldn't park, and some stores had a line just to get inside.  After it was all done they earned a trip to Toys R Us.  Cameron picked out a new hulk hand and Cooper got some accessories to go with the Captain America helmet.  It may have been a crazy day but at least we got out of the house.

One more kind of big thing, I signed up for the Kentucky Derby Mini Marathon. I have no idea what I'm getting myself into on this one.  I'm excited though and ready to start training.  I won't officially begin training until the last week of December or first of January.  There are a few plans I have looked at, most are around 12 weeks but I want to build in a few extra weeks, especially toward the end.  I think I've lost my mind.

Lots of fun coming up this week including a special little boy turning 7!!!


Jaime Mac said...

Watching the little ones play ball is always so funny!
Good luck on your marathon! I'm excited to read it & the training leading up to it! YAY!

Jaime Mac said...

OHHHH- And double YAY for new iPhones! :D