Sunday, July 27, 2014

Summer of Fun Week 7

This may have been one of my favorite weeks all summer, it ranks right up there with the week of our staycation when Steve was off.

On Monday, Tracey and I headed down south to Bowling Green. Brittany let us come to her place for swim time.  At one time there were 10 kids, age 9 and under.  It was chaos, but we loved every minute of it.

It's always a great time when I can spend it with these two together.  Pardon my hair, I had air dried pool hair.  Only because I was pressured into jumping off the diving board.

The boys had their back to school hair cuts on Tuesday.  Their hair grows so far, especially Cooper, we will be back there in about a month.

We didn't do much on Wednesday besides playing at home.  Cooper got Guess Who Star Wars for Christmas, they have found a new love for it this week.

Thursday was spent at Sharon's house playing with Allie and Wyatt.  We had a wonderful visit.  Cooper had a belly ache for the fist hour or so, once he recovered the kids played so well together.  It was one of longest and best visits.

Friday took up back to the zoo, but this time with Tracey, Gretchen, Brittany, and kids.

You may notice Cameron wasn't up for many pictures.  He was afraid Cooper would steal his stroller, the things kids fight about amaze me.

Love these 3 girls. Can't imagine what life would be like if we all 4 lived in the same town.

Our whole gang.  A super fun, crazy day.

If you need me this week you will find me in a fetal position.  I just need some time to get used to a routine again. 3 more days of summer.


Susie said...

A fun trip to the zoo!!

Jaime Mac said...

Looks like you packed a LOT of fun into your final week! Now you have to look forward to fall break, right? :)