Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer of Fun Week 6

Week 6, really? I want to rewind time and go back to week 1. 

After dinner on Monday we went out for ice cream. We ordered a small for them, seriously look at those.  It was like an extra large.

We went school supply shopping on Tuesday and as compromise on not getting a new lunch box, Cameron got new Lego movie pajamas.  

My mom got a new car this week, she stopped by on Wednesday and they were eager to explore it.  Yes, Cooper got new pajamas too.  

We went to the zoo on Thursday with my mom. They love going with my mom because it means they get spoiled, like with new stuffed polar bears and tigers.

And snow cones as well.

More zoo fun.
We were gone a lot this week so we stayed home and relaxed on Friday, minus a trip to the grocery in our pj's. Them, not me.

I am not ready for summer to end!


Susie said...

The summer has been to short!! I am not ready for it to end yet either!

ginmommy said...

I'm not ready either!