Thursday, July 10, 2014


I try to do a day in the life post at least once a year.  I was inspired this year by someone I follow on Instagram and her blog.  She does it every year on the same day.  This year she added to it and did it on IG in real time, and of course I copied.  It was fun and helpful to go back and do this post.  I documented our day on Tuesday. 

7:50- the boys had breakfast of donut holes, a banana, yogurt, and orange juice.  You will see Cameron's many faces throughout our day.

 8:15- the kitchen was cleaned up, the boys were getting a morning treat to a video game and I sat down to some peanut butter Cheerios and my kindle.

 10:15 Since I skipped the Y I needed to make my day productive.  We were all cleaned up and headed to the mall to get my mother in law a birthday present.

11:00- after two quick stops they got some play time.

12:00- my mom is off most Tuesdays so we met her and my nephew Layne for lunch. 

 1:00- after lunch we headed to the bowling alley on State Street.  You can sign your kids up for free bowling all summer.  

2:00- Cooper smoked us all!

2:15- Ice cream at Chiller's.  Our days aren't usually near this interesting, but we were with grandma and you know what that means.  Grandma pays :)

 My treat.  Girl math- strawberry shortcakes has strawberries, strawberries are a fruit, so it's healthy!  I did not eat the ice cream in the middle, I did show restraint.

 3:15- The boys watched part of a movie while I tried to read and would have loved a nap.  Got less than a chapter read and no nap.

5:00- Playtime!

 And surprise!!  Steve worked in Corydon and had a home health patient after so I wasn't expecting him until at least 6. 

6:30- Dinner done and cleaned up, go downstairs to find Steve and the kids have built forts and are throwing ball pit balls at one another.  Yes, the basement stays that messy most days.  We clean up for company.

The other view.

7:45 baths and snacks are given and we are settling in for devotion time and memory work. And yes, I do put my kids to bed at the same time even in the summer, most days.  If we are out and doing thins I'm not quite as strict, but they will wake up at 7, no matter what.  If they want to get out bed that early, they go to bed early.

8:40- I finally got my exercise for the day, a quick 30 minute run around the neighborhood.  For me, lights were out by 10:45.

I love doing this and I love the addition of doing it through Instagram.  Until next year!

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ginmommy said...

That strawberry shortcake looks soooooo good.