Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Polar Express 2013

 We headed up to French Lick on Sunday for a ride on the Polar Express.  This was our second trip, but you may remember last year when Cooper got sick and just didn't really enjoy himself.  I knew that night we would make another trip up.  I had to make it up to him somehow.  This time it was perfect.
We stopped for dinner before the train and come on, it does not get any cuter!
I was too cool for words and wore my shades indoors.  Really the sun was shining in our eyes through the window.  I did think I was pretty cool though.
 In addition to Steve's parents, Scott, and my mom, we were also joined my nephew Layne and niece Emma.  Can these boys be any more excited?

We got to the train station and it was time to cue all the photo ops.

 This guy was awesome.


The conductor asked if they could help shake the train.

Hot chocolate and cookie time.

There was dancing, lots and lots of dancing.  My boys were getting down!
 Here comes some reindeer.

Cameron was all about his ticket, would not let go of it.
 Someone has spotted Santa, and guess what...
 he wasn't afraid!
Checking out those bells. 
More dancing.  It's no surprise that Cameron passed out on the way home.  And I should mention that Steve was there, he was sitting in the aisle across from us so I didn't get any pictures.

It was a fantastic night!  Honestly, on the way up I was pretty sure it was going to be our last year.  Two years is plenty, it's not cheap, it's a long drive, we have to schedule on Sunday around IU basketball and football, it's a school night now.  I just thought we would be done.  Then I got to witness the excitement and magic through Cooper and Cameron's eyes and I think we need at least one more year.  I don't want the magic to end for them and as long as they believe, I want them to have that magic.  There is a good chance you will be reading another Polar Express post in 2014.  Who can really put a price tag on this?
Never let your bell go silent.


Tracey said...

Super cute pj's! I love the Polar Express. So much fun!!!

ginmommy said...

That was one of my favorite memories ever. LOVED it.

Alicia Mcafee said...

Awesome!!!! You know we've been several times. We decided not to go this year and I miss it. Thankfully we already have tickets for next year!!!