Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas and Tornados?

Christmas number one is in the bag.  I like to call this one the Upton/Black/Dorman/Jenkins/Lee Christmas.  We are one big, somewhat dysfunctional, family.  We went to my mom's on Saturday and the boys were pumped.  All week long Cooper couldn't wait till the 21st.  We've already had to start purging old toys to make room for the new ones.

The highlight of the night included their Harry Potter and Voldermort wands. 

My mom found some IU wrapping paper for Steve, and of course he had a little help from Cameron.
Cooper, Cameron, and Layne did some dueling outside.

It took most of the evening to get everything out of their boxes and put it away then it was time for bed.  We put the kids to bed and not 10 minutes later had to get them out of bed and go downstairs for the tornado warning.  Cooper wasn't asleep yet but apparently when Cameron decides to go to sleep he means it.  That kid was out.  Matt & Stefanie came over cause they don't have a basement and Aiden was awake, him and Cooper were running around the basement playing, banging on drums, Cameron slept through it all.  He cried the next morning when he found out he missed baby Aiden.
Cameron's class had a Happy Birthday Jesus party at church this morning.  Cooper missed his, he wasn't feeling good this morning so Steve stayed home with him. 
This is a random picture, Cooper called me into his room so I could see what he was doing.  I'm not even sure what was going on there. 
I'm looking forward to at least one day off before the festivities begin.  Although we may end up in the doctor's office for Cooper, better tomorrow than Tuesday or Wednesday. 

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