Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas morning is without a doubt my favorite couple hours of the entire year.  It's just so exciting.
Steve and I were both up and ready before the boys got up. 
 Cameron was the first one up and he was roaring to go, we had to hold him back so we could wait for Cooper.  He was ready to dig into his stocking.
 This was the year of dress up clothes and games.  Cooper already plays a mean game of Sorry and he has no problem sending his momma back to home.  We don't put a whole lot of emphasis on Santa, they each asked for one gift and that's what Santa brought, plus one more.  Cooper got a Captain America doll and his shield that he has been asking for.  I only hope he gets that excited in the future on a $10 gift.  Cameron got a plush Art from Monsters University and a Sully mask.  I'll let the rest of the pictures speak for themselves.

We had just gotten done with our gifts when Steve's parents and brother showed up.  It's our new tradition to have Christmas at our house so the boys can play with all their things and it's a double bonus that Steve's mom still does all the cooking. 
If you could only hear the giggles that came out of these next two.

 My in-laws got both boys a new IU hat, jersey, and Cameron got some candy stripe pants.  We are all ready for game day now.

I missed getting pictures of Steve & I exchanging gifts.  We try to do something for each other every year, we feel it's important that the boys watch us opening gifts from one another.  Last year was small, largely due to Cooper needing tubes right before Christmas.  This year we got to go a little bigger.  I got Steve new shoes, some clothes, a few gift cards.  I got clothes,  a new pair of Toms, which need to be exchanged, and a Fit Bit fitness tracker.  However, he had to get a large in order to get a discount.  Well now they are all sold out of large and small.  I ended up giving it to him and ordered me a Polar watch.  I really only need calories, nothing fancy.  Can't wait to get it and start using it. 
Steve's parents again blessed us with more than we deserve.  We both got IU stuff, Steve got more gift cards, and someone is under the impression that I cook, or maybe need to start cooking more.
After we were all done, we brought up the big surprise for Cooper.  My in-laws got him a new bike.  We got to go out yesterday for him to ride it, he loved how fast it went.  It just looks so big!

After lunch we all settled down for a movie, none other than Monsters University.  I wish this would have turned out better.  The boys were snuggled up with Scott.
Once the house was empty we ended our night with some games.  Too cute for words.
I probably say every year is the best Christmas ever but it really does seem that way.  6 and 3 just seem like perfect ages and I'm sure next year 7 and 4 will be perfect ages.  We just had so much fun.  I'm looking forward to another week off to play with all our new toys.  We have some Kinect games we haven't even opened yet. 
Want proof the enjoyed themselves?  This was 7:30 on Friday morning.  Out of bed and immediately to the dress up clothes.

Cameron may be having an identity crisis, Captain AmeriThor? (We got double gifts from Steve's cousins so they were returned and Cameron wanted a shield too)
One more, just to make you laugh.  The names Sullivan, Jimmy Sullivan.


Susie said...

Sounds like the boys enjoyed their Christmas!! Merry Christmas!!

ginmommy said...

Aww, I love it! You know I think I want new pots and pans, even though I don't cook enough to warrant it :-)