Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend in iPhone Pictures

Cooper finally got his Jonathan Jennings Pirate shirt last week so of course he had to wear it on Friday.  It says, "Once a JJ Pirate, always a Pirate".   Since I myself used to be a JJ Pirate, I got one too.  Mine is black and hot pink.  He was excited to wear it, some of his friends already had theirs so I guess he felt cool.
 After Jazzercise on Friday they had a party for one of our instructors, it was her last day.  Cameron cashed in one some donuts.
Somehow we ended up with a babysitter all night for both boys.  Cooper with Scott and Cameron with my in-laws.  Steve & I headed out to dinner with Eric and Tracey and dessert at Orange Leaf.  We went a little sample crazy.  A hint- stick with the white chocolate strawberry.  Delicious!
Scott sent me this Friday night.  They went from playing Star Wars to trying on a Michael Myers mask.  I immediately hid all my knives. 
We spent most of Saturday lounging at home until we went up to my mom's for dinner and swimming.  She cooked for us and my inlaws.  Cooper was a little fish that night.  He took off his floaties and swam all over the place.  Ms. Lori would be proud. 
As we were leaving church on Sunday my mom texted me asking if we wanted to meet her at Texas Roadhouse.  Nevermind that is where we went on Friday, I wasn't going to pass up a free meal.  Plus the boys love it. 
Steve had to work on Monday, I gave Cooper a couple of options on what we could do and he chose Monster's University.  I'm a little disappointed in myself that we hadn't seen it earlier.  Monsters, Inc is probably my favorite Pixar movie.  It was Cameron's first time in a movie theatre and he did great.  He asked once or twice when we were leaving but other than that was fine.  It was also during nap time, I was feeling brave.  Super cute movie, I can't wait till it comes out on DVD so we can have a movie night.
Such a great holiday weekend.  4 1/2 weeks till Fall Break!  Don't act as if you aren't counting with me.


ginmommy said...

Oh I'm counting!

Alicia Mcafee said...

I am counting!! OH YES!

Mrs. Lori would be so proud and me too! Awesome!

melanie said...

Cooper is getting to tall and slender.
Fish make for nice children and yes, we are all counting down here in Corydon.