Thursday, September 19, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Steve & I celebrated our 9th anniversary yesterday.  Man we look like babies.   
 Steve surprised me by taking the day off and arranging for his parents to watch Cameron so we could spend the day together.  Well he actually told me the week before, he needed to make sure I would clear my day since we knows we usually have a full week.  At this point I could care less what we would do, I was just pumped to have a free day.
Our first stop was dropping Cooper off at school. 
Then it was off to Kohl's.  I had two $10 coupons and a 30% off.  I wanted to look at scarves, shoes, and purses.  I should have known purses wouldn't pan out, have I really become that snobbish with purses?  I hope not.  Now that I don't have to carry my whole house with me when I go anywhere I'm on the lookout for a cross body purse, but no such luck.  No luck on shoes either.  But I did find a scarf, so score one for me.  It's my anniversary!
Steve thought he would be cute and post these next two pictures on social media.   Ha Ha, funny guy!

 Do you think this would be a good look for me?
After Kohl's we still had an hour to kill before an 11:00 appointment.  This he kept a secret until the day of.  We decided to take a stroll around Meijer.  Steve tweeted something going to Meijer on our anniversary, maybe the next stop would be the K-Mart food court.  He did not use a hashtag and I kid you not he got this tweet back;
 I mean really?  Does Meijer really pay someone to search social media for Meijer keywords?
Because I was in a good mood and perhaps a little giddy without kids, I picked this up.  And it's currently processing in my hair as I type.
It was finally time for the surprise.  He warned me not to get too excited because it wasn't that big.   He knows me well and couldn't have picked a better place.
He arranged for use to take the tour and watch how they make some of their candy.   It just so happened we got to do the tour with a group of senior citizens on a tour bus from Illinois.  They kept asking us, "how long have you been married, we celebrate 60 years next month".
Have you ever noticed the marks outside Schimpff's door, you can see them in left hand side of the above picture.  It's flood markers, both from the late 1800's.  I've always wondered about the 1937 flood though.   You see those red marks outside the window?  That is where the water rose to in 37.  Two stories high, 5 blocks from the river.  She said the river flooded out 27 miles!
 We got to watch how they make their cinnamon candy.  They import their cinnamon oil from China and it costs $50 for about what appeared to be 12 oz.  They fold the cinnamon in by hand, it's why some pieces aren't hot and some are.  Each one is different.  They also pump the cinnamon smell outside, they call it cheap advertising.  Disney World also does this on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom.

After some candy and a fountain drink it was time for lunch.   Again, Steve knows the key to my heart is food.  We had lunch at Kansai before a quick trip to Target.

Steve had a dentist appointment and I had to get Cooper and take both boys to swim lessons so we quickly called it a day.  It was a much needed day together.  Life tends to get rushed, especially with kids.   We had about 6 hours to ourselves to do as we pleased.   He made me laugh more times than I can count.  I think everyone needs to take a vacation day and spend it with our spouse.  Be silly together and do random things.  It's fun.  Couldn't have planned a better day.
Happy Anniversary, Steve!!!


Alicia Mcafee said...

Sounds PERFECT!!! Happy anniversary!!

Susie said...

Happy Anniversary!! Glad you all got to have a fun day!!

Hers and His said...

Happy Anniversary! Can't wait to see your hair!

ginmommy said...

You guys are cute! Next year is a BIG ONE!

melanie said...

you look just as young today as you did in your wedding photo. So beautiful! happy for your day out together.

Tracey said...

I love that wedding pic of you guys!!

Meijer- cracks me up!

Schimpff's is heaven. Especially without kids! ;)

You look adorable. Can't wait to see your hair in person.

the lewis gang said...

those kind of day/dates are the best!! nice work, steve!!