Sunday, September 15, 2013

Parent Teacher Conference

 We had Cooper's first parent teacher conference last week.  From this end it seems like he has been doing good.  He enjoys school, comes home happy, and hasn't gotten his color card moved at all this year.  Yet that didn't stop me from being a little nervous at what his teacher may say.
This was on the bulletin board outside her classroom.  They have a Disney World theme this year.  I love it!
 She had all good things to say about our little man.  No behavior problems and all test scores are coming in great.  I'm not worried about his math skills, he get those from me :), but I have been a little worried about language and especially handwriting.  From her perspective he is doing great.  At the beginning of the year he knew 13 of the 45 sight words, she said he knows close to all of them now.  He must work harder for them than he does me.  He's also doing great at the independent writing they do each week.  So far I've seen "My mom is niss" and "I lik my dad".
Our little playful guy is also quite the funny guy at school too.  She mentioned he is a funny kid and does some cute and funny things.  If he gets too loud she said it only takes one verbal warning and he quiets down. 
Two funny stories that he told me about so I asked Ms. Harbin to clarify.  One day in the lunchroom him and his buddy Luke must have gotten too loud while telling their gym teacher Happy Birthday.  The paraprofessional casually mentioned they needed to quiet down cause she didn't want to have to move their color card or cause them to "walk the plank" at recess.  Walking the plank means they miss a part or all of recess depending on how many times their color card is moved.  Well they were terrified and even went and told on themselves to Ms. Harbin.  She eventually had to get Ms. Amy, the paraprofessional, in the rom to see what happened.  It was a misunderstanding and they weren't in trouble at all.  Hilarious!  At least they are honest.
Second story, I gave him a baggie of box tops to take in last week.  They get a Pirate Pride buck each time they bring some in.  He mentioned in the car while I was dropping him off that he was going to share with Luke since Luke shared with him one day.  I thought that was sweet, forgetting the fact they were cheating the system a bit by both getting a pride buck.  Well I guess they each tried to only give 1 box top.  Ms. Harbin caught on to that quick and didn't give a buck to either one.  She did find Cooper's baggie and give him his, she thought it was clever of them and no one has ever tried to do that before. 
I left the conference with a happy heart.  There was a time, especially way back when he was far behind on speech, that I was really scared for him to go to school.  He was so shy and so backwards when it came to interacting with other kids his age.   I never wanted him to be the life of the party, I just prayed that he would have at least one special friend and not feel alone.  Not only does he have a great friend in Luke, he also has no trouble meeting other kids.  He even told me on Friday that he met a new friend from another class at the playground.  I couldn't be a happier momma.


bethjosh said...

Oh that Luke kid :-) glad he's doing well!

Susie said...

Glad to see he like it this year and adjusting well!!

ginmommy said...

I am glad that K is off to an awesome start, I know how relieved you are.

Alicia Mcafee said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! So glad he's doing well!! :) :)

Tracey said...

Kindergarten is awesome!!!!;)

the lewis gang said...

good for you guys!! it's always a relief to get reassurance from the teacher!! great start to school!