Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Holiday World 2013

This past Saturday we made our annual trip to Holiday World.  My dad gave us his company tickets which also included a meal ticket.  We spent a total of $9.  My mom, my nephew Layne, and Scott also joined us.  The weather was perfect and it didn't seem too busy.  We skipped the water park again, I have no idea how you can get it all done and do the water park in the same day.  Next year we may have to stay all night and get a two day pass.
We made a quick stop at the carousel before heading to Holidog's Funtown. 

Cameron was pumped, he got to ride some big rides.  He just made the 36 inch requirement.

The doggie roller coaster is always a favorite.
New this year are the teacups.  I was excited because they teacups were closed in Disney.  They were slow, couldn't get them to spin much.

Let me tell you about Cameron, he was Scott's shadow.  All he wanted was Uncle Scott!


Growing up the Tilt-a-Whirl was always a favorite ride of mine, my boys love it too.

I have a big gap where we didn't get any pictures.  For the first time we got Cooper on Raging Rapids and Frightful Falls.  He is getting over his fear of getting water in his eyes, and he loved both.   Cameron complained of being tired when we were line for the Raging Rapids so my mom took him to get something to drink and walk around, but we did get him on Frightful Falls, the log ride.  He rode with Scott of course and oh.my.goodness!   He loved it!  He pitched a fit when I got him out.  We rode the scrambler and came back for a second go at it.  Not even three yet and already a thrill seeker.
Even after the big rides all the kids seemed to enjoy the small ones as well.

We visited the Christmas section in the afternoon and it was pretty much empty.  

Cooper almost didn't get on this ride.  I was with Cameron and my mom said he got really nervous.  Once the ride started it was all smiles and laughs.  I think him and Layne rode it three times back to back.

We stayed until around 5 before calling it a day.  The kids were pooped.  Cameron was a trooper not getting a nap, he fell asleep before we got out of the parking lot.
This was Cooper's third trip with me, Steve & I both took him last year, but it was our first trip as a family.  So this is our first Holiday World family picture. 
We tried to get one of the boys but they had about enough at this point.  
We ran into Holidog one our way out so of course hugs and high fives were needed.  Even Cameron gave him a high five, that is a major accomplishment.

What a great day we had, I love making sweet memories with my family.  We are going to be in trouble when Cooper reaches 48 inches for the roller coasters and Cameron hasn't, he will not like that all.  Cooper is already asking when we can go back, a sure sign of a fun time.


Susie said...

Can't go wrong with a trip to Holiday World!! Looks like it was a fun day!!

ginmommy said...

Are you riding the doggie coaster all by yourself? hahaha

Jaime Mac said...

I think the pic of uncle Scott & Cameron looking at each other is so sweet. What a fun day! Love the first official family pic!

Jill said...

Nine dollars for Holiday World can't be beat! Looks like an awesome day!

Alicia Mcafee said...

AWESOME!!! And, yes, a two day pass is totally worth it! :)

Tracey said...

LOVE IT! Cute selfie of you and Steve. And, adorable that Cam was all about Uncle Scott! Looks like a fantastic day. :)