Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cows and VBS

It's VBS week!  I signed Cooper up for VBS at Charlestown Independent Church since our church is no longer having it.  I used to go there, got married there, and know half the congregation so I felt confident in leaving him.  Plus, his buddy Luke from school goes there, he had a blast all week long.  They had a Duck Dynasty theme called God's Dynasty.  It was neat.   My hat is off to all those who help work and prepare for the week.  I can't imagine how exhausting it is. 
 Friday was cow appreciation day at Chick-fil-A, which meant you could dress as a cow and get free good.  I know my costumes are totally ghetto, I mean they look more like puppy dogs.  At least they are cute puppy dog cows.

 Before heading to lunch we had one very important item to take care of.  Would you expect anything less than a Darth Vadar backpack for kindergarten?
 I forgot that there would workers dressed as cows.  Cooper was all about it, Cameron on the other hand was clinging to me.
 We met the McAfee's, Jake and Cooper are something else.
 Alicia walked off to take a picture of Jake & Cooper, which caused Nora to freak out, I tried to calm her down which caused Cameron to freak out that mommy was holding someone else.  That's alright, I got this.
 These poor cows, Cooper and Jake wouldn't leave them alone.
Fun, fun time at lunch, thanks for meeting us McAfee clan.
Friday night was VBS family and celebration night.  They had food, bounce houses, and prizes.  I'm considering putting a pile of tires in our yard, might be good entertainment.

 At the end of each night they had some type of contest, usually they took the adults and volunteers.   They winner, or loser depending on the way you look at it, got a shaving cream pie in the face.  Tonight, after  Beth gave all the prizes out, her husband Josh snuck around the corner and got her.  Awesome!  Beth and Josh wrote the curriculum for VBS, I can't say again how awesome it was.
This was Cooper's first VBS and it was a total success.  Thanks Charlestown Independent Church!


Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

You can have those tires. The neighbors would love it! So glad to have Cooper! He was a sweetie!!!

Susie said...

Glad Cooper enjoyed it because it was Ellie's first and she loved it too!!

Hers and His said...

So good seeing you and your sweet boys at VBS!

ginmommy said...

Love the backpack :)

Tracey said...

They made super cute cows!

Tracey said...

Oh, and how did I not know (or forget) that you got married at CIC?!!

Jaime Mac said...

I used to love going to VBS at my church! Great memories for the boys!
That backpack is awesome!

Alicia Mcafee said...

So fun!! I LOVE that tradition!