Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Summertime!

Although Cooper has been out of school for about 2 weeks now, I never felt like it was summer until the holiday.  The summertime has never made too big of a difference for us, this time it's different, and a little sad actually.  We have a definite end to our summer, and really isn't that far off. 
Our weekend started off with a popcorn movie night on Friday.  Steve is on a mission to get all the old Disney classics so we watched Dumbo.  Saturday morning was boring; grocery shopping and lawn work.  Saturday night we went to Mom and Pop's, Cooper couldn't stop laughing that his ice cream was called Ants in my Pants.  Sunday was church and then my mom took us out to Olive Garden.  Steve works about 50% of the holidays, this was his time to have Memorial Day off.  We had a picnic lunch and play time at Silver Creek Primary park.  I love this park!  It's closed in and I don't have to worry about Cameron getting hurt since he doesn't seem to have any playground fear.

 Steve's parents came over Monday night and we grilled out steaks.  Our grill broke at the beginning of summer last year and we just now got it fixed.  They were delicious!  Steve did a great job. 
We played outside on and off most of the day yesterday.  They boys could have kept themselves busy for hours on the Better Batter Baseball Tee, except I had to keep turning it around for them.  I guess that's the problem with one righty and one lefty.
 I went to Jazzercise this morning and on a whim decided to take the kids to the pool.  The water was freezing!!!  Cooper didn't seem to mind, he got right in.  I couldn't tell if Cameron was scared or just cold, so he just stayed around the steps.

We are going to meet our neighbors at the pool again tomorrow.  It looks like it's going to cool down again so it may be July before the water is warm enough for me to get in.
Cameron is  napping and to me nothing screams summer more than a red cheeked baby napping on a hot day.  Hoping for many more of these days in the next two months.


Susie said...

I know it seems like the pools are not getting very warm yet. At least the boys enjoyed it though.

ginmommy said...

Summer means so much more once your kids begin school!

Tracey said...

Cute pics!! We will def get together to swim soon! I'm so happy it is summertime!