Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Disney Day 1: Flight and Downtown Disney

We have returned from the Happiest Place on Earth.  It was a wonderful 4 days, way too short I might add, and we had an absolute blast.  Steve and I keep talking about how well behaved and how much patience the kids had.  We couldn't have asked for a better trip.  I have over 300 pictures to go through and put in order. I have the first two days done so I thought I would get a start on this blogging process.  A warning, it may get a bit detailed.  I've never done a blog book, but I think I'm going to do a short one of our trip.  So here goes...
Thursday started for Steve & I at 5:00 am, Scott picked us up at 6:00 for a 7:50 flight.  There was only one direct flight out of Louisville, but it wasn't until 4:00 pm so I chose the best I could which meant a layover in Baltimore.  For someone who got up at 6:00 am, this kid was pumped.  That's our airplane, just waiting to take the Lee family to Disney.
 There isn't much I can can say about my kids and airplane travel besides they did fantastic!!! 
 I love Steve and all his facial expressions  We were one of the last to board and the airplane had three seats, an aisle, three more seats.  A solo traveler switched seats with us so the boys and I could have one row and Steve sat across from us in the aisle seat.

 I laughed at this picture, it will be the only time this trip you will see my hair down. 
 The Baltimore flight was super short.  By the time we had some gum and suckers for take off, they came around with a drink and peanuts, then we landed.  Maybe and hour and 20 minutes.  Didn't even have to break out the entertainment we brought.  We had about an hour layover, which by the time we found our next gate and used the restroom it was only about 30 minutes before it was time to board.  Both boys wanted a window seat, I sat with Cameron and Steve sat with Cooper.  The ladies sitting in the aisle seats were great and passed things back and forth between us.  My job was easy peasy, Cameron passed out about 20 minutes in.
 Baltimore to Orlando was about 2 hours, we must have flown up the coast some, I looked out the window to this beautiful sight.
 I had a reservation for a stroller from an Orlando stroller company to deliver one to our hotel and I also brought our umbrella stroller  I figured Cooper may get tired and it would be best to have two.  Somehow it never got tagged with Orlando's airport code, even though we placed it right outside the plane as we were boarding, it never made it out of Baltimore.  So here we are with 6 carry on pieces dragging our kids through the airport.  I didn't even bother going to baggage claim, I just decided to deal with it later. 
We made it down to Disney's Magical Express, which is a free service that takes you from the airport to your resort.  The best part is you don't have to worry about your checked luggage.  They take care of all that for you and it's delivered to your room about 3 hours after check-in.  Which is why we had so many carry on's.  I wanted to be prepared in case it took longer.  While on the bus I called our stroller rental company and they had a second stroller available and had it to our resort about an hour later. 
One of my favorite things is driving past the Walt Disney World sign as you are entering the property.  Wouldn't you know it, the bus had a dirty window and messed up my picture.
 From the time we left our house until we got to our resort it was about 8 hours.  We were all pooped.  Steve and I may have been more grumpy than the kids.  None of us had really eaten all day so we cleaned up and headed to Downtown Disney for some dinner.   We had reservations for Rainforest Cafe at 5:30, luckily they weren't busy and we got in around 4:30. 
 Give me your funny faces.

 People, I out ate Steve.  I'm not kidding, I inhaled a giant cheeseburger.  Starving! 
We didn't have any major plans for Downtown Disney, expect the toy store to make a light saber.  You can do this in Hollywood Studios, outside the Star Tours ride, I was just afraid with Star Wars Weekend it would be busy.  This isn't a person, it's a statue.  You will find out as the days go on, if it was a person, Cameron would be no where near it.

 There are several things in Downtown Disney to do besides the toy store.  There is a Lego store, build a dinosaur, like build a bear.  A Christmas store, a candy store.  Lots of fun shops.  We just ended up calling in early night.  Looking back I probably should have done the direct flight and added an extra day.  We were all just too tired for anything.

We got back to the hotel and gave the boys a bath and then I got in the shower.  All of a sudden I hear screams that sound like tears.  My only thought was Cooper hit Cameron with a light saber.  I thought for sure I was going to get out and Steve would have our bags packed ready to go home.  I guess I should give them more credit than that, turns out it was laughter.  They ganged up on Steve for a huge light saber battle.  We finally got the boys in bed close to 9.  They were out in minutes.  Our hotel has a lot going on and doesn't quite down until 10 or so.  I look back over those four nights and I slept terribly, yet somehow never got tired.  Disney magic, I tell ya.
Day 1 was in the books.  Lots of travel, exhaustion, and an early bedtime.  The next day would greet us bright and early.  Let the magic begin.


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