Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Disney Day 3: Magic Kingdom

Heavens to Betsy this post has a lot of pictures.  Yes, I just said heavens to Betsy.
If I had to pick my favorite day of our trip, this would have been it.  It was a full day dedicated to the Magic Kingdom and it was just all around pure Disney fun.  It was also our most relaxing morning.  The park opened at 9 so we had until about 8:45 to get there.  In Disney time that is considered late.  We had walked the night before so this was our first monorail ride.  Our resort is the first stop after Magic Kingdom, so on the way there it has 4 other stops, but you get to see the whole Magic Kingdom area and 2 other resorts.  Very relaxing.

We made our way in through bag check and scanning our tickets and found ourselves a spot for the opening show and rope drop.  The boys loved these strollers.  I cannot imagine taking Cooper without one.  It was a huge help.
Each morning before the park opens the mayor of Magic Kingdom comes out to greet everyone, a few cast members come out and sing and dance, then the train arrives carrying Disney characters, then everyone counts down from 10 to open the park.   Something fun and exciting to get you going.

I would suggest to anyone with young children to always start at Fantasyland.  It can get busy quick and there are few rides that end up with an hour wait or longer.  We hit up Peter Pan's flight first, back to back.  Cameron likes to ride things and then say, "let's do that again".  It was early so the line hadn't built up yet.  We all rode together the second time, although you can't see poor little Cameron.
Winnie the Pooh was next, since it too can get long.  Disney is great about making fun line ques to keep kids busy and there are lots to look at.

Fantasyland just went through an expansion and sadly the Tea Cup are under refurbishment.  However, they just revamped Dumbo, they have two instead of one which cuts down on wait time.  They are also adding a new roller coaster for next year, looks fun, it's based on Snow White.  

At this point it was probably around 10:00 and it was hot!  But nothing a little splash area couldn't take care of.  
There is also a smaller roller coaster called Goofy's Barnstormer.  It only has a 35 inch requirement.  We got to to take Cameron on and he cracked up the entire time.  It looks like I'm going to have two roller coaster fans.

After Fantasyland we headed over to Tomorrowland for Buzz Lightyear and Monster's Inc Laugh Floor. I felt important with this red card.  They use it to keep track of wait times.  I was the one setting the wait time.  

Also in Tomorrowland is a tram like ride called the People Mover.  Basically it takes you all around the park, it has good views and it's a relaxing way to cool down.  And it goes inside Space Mountain.

I have no idea what this was, just that he was excited.
It was almost lunch time and we had reservations for a character lunch at Crystal Palace, right inside the Magic Kingdom.  We ran into a little more castle entertainment.  
We were waiting outside for our table when Steve got the cutest picture of Cooper looking at Piglet.  
One of the best things about going to Disney at Cooper's age is that he still loves the characters.  In a few years he may think they are too silly.  Character meals are a great way to interact with them without waiting in long lines.

We were on our way out to go back to the hotel and rest when we ran into the mayor.  Steve says this is the job he wants when we retires.

I also got my Mother's Day present, a new Disney bead for my Pandora bracelet.  It has the blue stone in the middle and it says "where dreams really do come true".
Insert a couple hours of napping, baths for the boys, and dinner in the hotel and we were back at the Magic Kingdom.  Cooper wanted to do Thunder Mountain again so Cameron & I headed back to Dumbo again.  Disney is genius.  Not only did they add another Dumbo ride, but they now have a playground under a circus tent.  They give you a pager that beeps when it's your turn to line up for the ride.  Genius!  

We met back up (see the importance of 2 strollers) and did another Disney classic; It's a Small World.  Pure wonder in this kid's eyes.
Then we did a 3-D show, Mickey's Philharmagic.  Cooper loved it!  
It was nearing 8:00 at this point and we knew if wanted to watch the 9:00pm light parade we needed to find a spot quick.  Most people line up along Main Street so they can watch the parade in front of the castle.  We wanted to make a quick exit since we weren't staying for fireworks, so we made our way closest to the entrance of the park.  We found the perfect stop!!!  We got front row, right behind the rope, at the very start of the parade.  It was close to the restrooms so by the time we all took turns and I ran to the candy store for treats it was time for the parade to begin.  I was excited!!!
I got some decent pictures of the parade, but what I really focused on was the reactions of Cooper and Cameron.  I love seeing things through their eyes.  They brought their Buzz laser blasters we had picked up earlier.  Cameron wanted to "get" everyone.

This one may be my favorite and it can only mean one thing....
Captain Hook was on his way.

Like I said we didn't stay for the fireworks, they didn't even start till 10.  It's a drawback of going in the summer, all nighttime events can't begin until after dark.  We made our quick exit and everyone was in bed asleep by about 10:30.   We had another early morning wake up call, something I didn't think we were going to be able to until the last minute.  I'll just keep ya guessing.


Susie said...

Magic Kingdom has to be the best place to take the boys. It would have to be my favorite place at Disney!!

Tracey said...

Looooove! I can feel your excitement. It's awesome. :)

the lewis gang said...

we went 3 years ago. jackson loved buzz and pirateland too. darbi (not quite 2 at the time) loved it's a small world. magic kingdom really is so neat. you do feel like a kid again! so glad you had a great trip!!