Sunday, November 18, 2012

"Pretend" Birthday Party

We had such a fun day here, despite some sick kids.  We've actually had a really good weekend and I only got out of my pj's for a shower and company that came over tonight after dinner.
Cameron started with some yucky and messy diapers on Friday & Saturday.  He seemed fine after dinner last night then Cooper started complaining of a belly ache.  We went to get Cameron this morning and was almost knocked over by the stench of vomit.  Luckily he never got sick again, just a few more messy diapers, and Cooper was fine all day.  I kept them both home from church and enjoyed some morning cuddles.  Cameron craweled into my lap before lunch and fell asleep.  Can't complain about that.  Thanks to his early, long nap we got a lot more accomplished today.
Since we can't use stocking holders after the great stocking holder debacule of 2010, I went ghetto and used some duct tape.  You can't really see it and it looks pretty.   We also got the outside completed.  I took a picture but it didn't come out good, actually it was terrible.  I'm gonna figure out a different setting and get a better one before I put it on here.
 Cooper got to have a mini-birthday party tonight. Or as he called it his pretend birthday party.  We are having a small party tomorrow with a few friends at Chuck E Cheese, since Aunt Marilyn, Tina, Ricky, and Randy don't have small children, we had cake & ice cream tonight so they could come over and give him their gifts.   My mom, Steve's parents, and Scott also brought their gifts.  We went ahead and gave him ours too.  It totally wasn't supposed to be a party but it somehow turned into one.  In the end I'm sure it's easier than trying to get all the gifts home from Chuck E Cheese.
Scott made the cake, somehow it slipped in the car.  It may have looked messy, but it was yummy!
 It was gifts or cake and ice cream first, he chose gifts.  Who can blame him?
My battery was running low so we didn't get too many pics.  He got some craft stuff, Star Wars stuff, Batman, books, a game, all the things a fun loving 5 year old will love.  Oh, and an electonic bowling game from our cousin Ricky.  I had just seen it an ad and thought he would like it.

 I was the mean mommy who got trick candles for him.  I went ahead and posted all the pics of us singing, mainly to show the placement of his hand.  Didn't even realize this until I uploaded them.

 He loved his Bat Cave and action figures from Scott.   As well as the Pop the Pig game from my mom.  He was at her house one day and a commercial came on for it so my mom found one for him. 

I cannot believe he will be 5 tomorrow!  5 just seems so old. How did time go by so fast?  Even though the kids didn't feel great this weekend, I am so thankful it allowed us to slow down a bit and just enjoy one another.  We needed this weekend.


HilaryFarris said...

Love the tree!! I use the decorative 3m hooks for our stocking. Trust me, they secure anything justas good as duck tape, and they are cute! Wishing Cooper a happy birthday, 2 parties are better than 1!!

Susie said...

Glad they are feeling better!! Happy Birthday Cooper!!

Jaime Mac said...

EW, what an icky time with the sick kiddos! I'm glad it ended on the upswing & Cooper's impromptu party. (Hilarious pics of his hand on uhm, er, YOU...)

melanie said...

I just got so tickled at Coopers hand placement. Ha ha all through his song and blowing out the candles. And that we as moms don't even notice. Ha

I love your tree. that is a great place for it. I am antsy to go cut ours down