Monday, November 19, 2012

Cooper is 5!!!

I can't believe my baby is 5 years old!  I'll just say it once tonight, time needs to stop!!!
After Cooper went to bed last night we put up a few decorations for him this morning.  His request this year was a Star Wars party.

 Doesn't he just look pitiful, it's your birthday Coop, smile a little.  He didn't say he felt bad but he only ate one of those muffins.  Wasn't exactly what I had planned when I pulled out the breakfast surprise.

 He had school this morning so he got to celebrate on his actual birthday.  We took on treat bags for everyone along with fruit snacks and popcorn for their snack.  The birthday child also gets to get something out of the birthday box.  He got some kind of old McDonald happy meal toy.  I'm sure he will carry that thing around all week, he is always so proud of the smallest things.
The yummy cake. We have plenty of leftovers if anyone wants some.
 We decided this year we would give Cooper a party at Chuck E Cheese.  This is really his first real party with friends.  I heard from Alicia that this little guy was pumped up all week.  Jake is so funny.  I went to give him some tokens, we grabbed a couple and ran off leaving me with the cup.  The whole cup was his, not just two.
 Nora is just as cute as a button.
Cooper's friend Conner from church just happened to be there with his grandma so they played a few games before Conner had to leave. 
 Once Allie & Wyatt arrived he was all about his Allie.  Who could blame him, she is pretty!

 Levi and Mags were also in attendance.  Speaking of Levi, I hope he slept well tonight.  He asked for a second piece of cake, I needed to get rid of some so Tracey should be happy he didn't ask for 3 or 4. 

 Funny story about my mom.  We didn't reserve a party, I just made sure we had plenty of pizza and drinks plus tokens for the kids.  I had about 28-30 for each kid there.   Some of the younger ones shared with their sibling so we had about 3 cups of tokens left on the table.  My mom comes up to me with about 400+ tickets.  She said it took all the tokens but she won all these tickets.  When she said all the tokens, she meant all the tokens left on the table, like for the kids at the party.  She wasn't even playing a game with my nephew who came with her.  She really used about 80-90 tokens by herself. 
 We all gave an American Idol worthy version of Happy Birthday before we dug into the cake.  Have I mentioned how yummy it was?  Forget the design, if you want a good cake go to Jay C.
 Next up were presents!!!  Jake got Cooper some more play-doh.  Which is awesome, ours was getting old and hard.  I love the feel of  new play-doh.  It's so fun to act like a kid again.
 Levi & Maggie got him a Spider-Man that shots things.
 Allie & Wyatt got a new game and twistable crayons.  He will love both.  I love birthdays and Christmas cause it gives more things to play with.  I think I enjoy it as much as Cooper does.
 Since we didn't reserve a party he couldn't do the free ticket blaster, we had to pay a $1 for it, but he is the birthday boy.  However, it's not the birthday one so it didn't have the 1000 ticket inside.  He looked so scared before they turned it on.  He figured out if you didn't move around much, the tickets will land on you all on their own.

We all know Chuck E Cheese can be a little chaotic at time, but when you don't have to clean up, it's so worth it!  Plus it wasn't crowded at all.  I want to thank everyone who came out to help us celebrate.  My little boy sure felt special tonight.


Jaime Mac said...

Looks like a really fun birthday party! Happy birthday, Cooper!

Susie said...

What a fun night for Cooper!! Happy Birthday Cooper!!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Fun, fun, fun!! And it wasn't crowded at all! Nice! Thanks for inviting us!! Jake had a ball. Cooper was so darn cute in the ticket blaster!

melanie said...

It is so funny to watch kids in the ticket blaster.
Sounds like he had a wonderful birthday.
Happy Birthday Cooper! 5 is a big one.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Cooper! :)

Jill said...

What a great party! Happy Birthday, sweet Cooper! :)

And I totally agree that Jay C makes some yummy cake. ;)