Friday, October 29, 2010

Annual Trick or Treating at Kindred

Each year the nursing home where Steve works has trick or treating for the kids. They line the residents up in the halls and the kids walk up and down and trick or treat. It is one of our favorite things to do. Of course Steve knows half of the residents but it's also fun to see the joy in their eyes as they see all the children. This was our third year going and on the way we were thinking how much has changed since our first trip. Cooper was just 11 months old and it was close to bedtime on the way back home. I had to sit in the back to keep him occupied because he was getting fussy. Then last year he was a little better but it was still getting late so he needed a sucker. This year, no problems. He is getting so big!

A quick photo op before we get started.I know this is blurry but I had to post it anyway, I love the excitement on his face.
I don't want to sugar coat anything, Cameron is a little fuss bucket at times, especially in the eveing. So it was to our delight that he did this pretty much the entire time.

I can't tell if he is being good and patient waiting for it to begin or if he sees a scary costume. Please excuse the big booty in the background.

I love this.... look at that grin as he sees all the candy.

Like any good parent he got to dig in before we even left.

Once we got home and started getting the kids ready for bed Cooper asked to hold Cameron, who can resist this?

The one thing I missed getting a picture of was a nurse who was dressed up as The Cat in the Hat. Cooper pretty much associates any Dr Suess book with the Cat in the Hat, so he asked her if she had a Wocket in her Pocket. It was so cute, he has the cutest little accent when he says it.


ginmommy said...

How fun!!! Love Cooper's constume ;-) Glad "fuss bucket" did okay for you ;) Just think this time next year, he'll be toddling around with his little bucket.

Tracey said...

Cute pic of Cooper holding Cameron! I love those bonding moments. :) And, I'm glad, too, that Cameron wasn't fussy!! Makes for a more pleasant evening!