Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spoke to Soon

Last week at Cooper's doctor's visit we were talking about how he hadn't had a sick visit between his last two well visits and if you don't count the one ear infection that wouldn't heal that had us in there multiple times for the same reason, he really hasn't had one since his year visit. Well of course, I spoke too soon. Earlier this morning I noticed some bumps on his legs, I thought they might be little bug bites since he was outside yesterday, no big deal. Right before nap I noticed it had gotten a little worse. Still didn't think too much of it, then after Steve got home I pointed it out again and it had spread. They were all over his belly, knee, ankles, some on his back, his belly looked awful. So I called the doctor and they were able to get me in at 5:00. Of course when I left the house they had started to fade, then I got in the office and they were back, this time on his leg. They just kept spreading and fading and jumping from one body part to the next, so weird. Turns out it was hives. He hasn't eaten anything different in the past few days, no new detergent, nothing. There really wasn't an explanation. She gave me the dosage of children's Benadryl, we are to keep an eye on it and hopefully it gets better. The Benadryl worked great, as of bedtime they were all gone.

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Amy said...

Kids pick up some of the strangest things. I sure hope Cooper gets to feeling better soon.