Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hidden Cameras?

I think there may be hidden cameras following us around these days. About a month ago we hired our friend Josh to build us a fence. We live on a corner lot and we only needed one side fenced in since our neighbors and the people behind us both have privacy fences. Josh did an awesome job and soon as we finish staining it I will post pictures. Anyway, the first day he worked on it he accidentally cut our Insight line. No big deal, Insight fixed it the very next day for no charge. I will say it's a good thing we have DirecTV and not cable though, I would have been furious if I missed American Idol that night. Back to the story, they had to re-wire to the house and they would have to have someone else come bury the line in a few weeks. They showed up this week buried the line and it was out of our way. That evening I noticed our phone wasn't working. We called AT&T, they came out today and Insight knicked our telephone line while they were out here earlier this week. Now we have a new telephone line that needs buried. I'm waiting to see what line they cut.

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