Sunday, December 20, 2015

Life and House Updates

Not for sure where to start on this update so here goes...

Cooper celebrated his birthday last month.  It went on for a full weekend.  He got to bring Cameron in for show n tell, had Chick Fil-A for lunch, celebrated at my in-laws, and a party at SIGS.

That same week Steve started a new job. He went full time at Southern Indiana Rehab, where he was PRN a couple weekends a year.  Now he is full time there, PRN at Kindred in Sellersburg, and PRN for his CareFirst Rehab, the home health he does 5-6 days a week.  He's a busy man.

Things at my mom's are coming along nicely. We've been here about 2 months now.  She finally got her tree up, much later than we would have, so it took it me a while to feel like it was Christmas. 

Cameron had his Wee Ones Christmas Party.

Both boys had their Christmas programs at school.  It's so hard in the church to get good pictures of Cameron and I didn't even get them off the camera,

Cooper's program was super fun. 

His impact group played Jingle Bells with boomwackers.

 He also got to play guitar during Jingle Bell Rock.  Him and the other two boys did a slide at the end. So cute!

Cameron got to see his Wee Ones buddy Emmett.

Finally, house updates.

In two weeks it went from this to...


A sneak peek into the bonus room.  It's much larger than we had expected.

The back.  

All of this is our backyard.  Our lot is much bigger than what we had and those trees should stay.

We've picked several things out, we have light fixtures and counter tops left. We stopped by Saturday and it's being wired for electricity and outlets and switches and duct work. Insulation is on schedule for this week and dry wall hopefully by early January.  I'm still thinking a mid-late March completion, maybe early April.  It's going quick!

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Susie said...

Happy Late Birthday Cooper! House is going great! Happy for you all!