Friday, November 6, 2015

Haunted Halls and Halloween

Wasn't having Halloween on a Saturday awesome?  

We kicked of the fun filled weekend with one dressing up for preschool and one having a Halloween party at school.

We were up and at 'em early Saturday morning for basketball.  Cameron is once again doing the clinics, which start at 8 am I might add, and Cooper is playing again as well.  I can tell a big difference in how Cooper plays.  

After Cooper's game we hightailed it to Bloomington for their annual Haunted Halls of Hoops.  Well it might not be an annual thing since it got cancelled last year due to players running over other players with their cars but lets forget that part.

We got in line with about 15 minutes to spare before they opened the doors.

This is where things started to go bad for Cooper. I just felt so bad for him.  He complained of his neck hurting the day before, nothing too bad just sore.  Felt sore Saturday morning, gave him some Advil and let him play basketball.  By the time we got to Bloomington he couldn't move it.  He tried and tried to have fun but as you can tell he just looked miserable.  He was up and down most of the day.  As long as his Advil hadn't worn off he was okay.  

We played a few games and got some candy before taking our seats.

This picture was tweeted out from some IU site.

Cameron was pumped just taking it all in.  Cooper perked up some once we got inside Assembly Hall but mostly kept quiet.

It was nice being this close to the floor.

They practiced before a short scrimmage.

After the scrimmage they had a parade of costumes around the court before taking a group picture.  Crean kept calling my boys Yogi and Cody since that's the jersey number they wore.  Then Yogi told Cameron he liked his jersey :)

We could have stayed to meet some players and get autographs but we were the 2nd group to go around the gym and a few more were left and both kids wanted to trick or treating at home and it was already after 4.  So off we went to grab dinner and head home.  We trick or treated around our old neighborhood before heading home.  

It wasn't our usual Halloween festivities but we made it work and had lots of fun.


Susie said...

Looked like fun!! Sad to see Cooper wasn't feeling good!

ginmommy said...

Did he pull his neck?