Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pigeon Forge Day 2- Christmas Place and Wonderworks

We woke up Sunday ready to go.  Sadly, it was raining so we just had to go with it.  

Our first stop was Christmas Place, I had found my happy place.

I just couldn't help myself.   Don't lie, we all know someone.

We were pretty flexible with our plans, with rain we didn't have a choice but to spend a lot of time indoors.  This day we ended up at Wonderworks.  This place is a must, especially with kids.  Who wouldn't want to go to a place like this?

This was the ceiling.

This place was awesome!  You can buy a base ticket or you can add on either lazer tag or a magic show or both. We added lazer tag but not the magic show, only because it only had two showings.
The exhibits for the base ticket gave us plenty to do.

My favorites were the earthquake and hurricane simulator, and this bucket of water which was the exact temperature of the ocean when the Titanic went down.  They had a timer to see how long you could keep your hand in it, 8 seconds people, 8 seconds.  My fingers were burning it was so cold.  It's no wonder Jack let go.

They also had a rock wall, black light ropes course, and extreme bikes that went upside down. All those things had height restrictions.

Lazer tag with Cameron=hilarious!!!  The vest had to weigh about as much as he does.

We finished up and met the rest of the family for lunch at Hard Rock Cafe before heading back to the cabin.  Then we all took naps.  I love vacations because my kids nap.  It's awesome.

You know what the kids think is awesome?  Brownies at 8:30, that is awesome!


Susie said...

I Love the Christmas Place!! I will have to go to the Wonder Place. We wondered what it was.

Jaime Mac said...

Oh, the Christmas Place looks like my kind of shop!
There's a Wonderworks like this in Orlando we went to several years ago. It's a really fun place & all the "upside down'ness'" of it is soooo cool! Did you notice on the outside that the trees & shrubs were upside down too? Love all the details!